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  1. Cat

    I'm a cat and I will sleep where I want to

  2. [​IMG]
    Shot at 2007-11-27
  3. My cats .... One wants to come on the trip .

  4. Ha ha, tell me about it.

    As much as I love my kitty baby, she gets on my nerves sometimes 'cause she likes to sleep sprawled across my lower legs, and every time I move she emits a very loud - 'Uuuuuummm!'.


  5. And he will do anything else he pleases too.
    You can train a dog but a cat might train you . They have a very strong will and are determined no one will stop them
  6. Your right about that . the one male cat ( black one) has a very dominant personality and makes his presence known and struts his stuff ... like I am the king of the castle and no one is going to put me down .... He he .

  7. My cat lays in suitcases too! hahaha, it's so funny and soooo cute <3
  8. Here's a picture of me and my baby - Cheetos. She has a beautiful face, but she's not looking into the camera!

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  9. Aw, she is SOOOOO cute! Yeah, my cat never looks at the camera. I think she's scared of the flash :[
  10. So cute . Thanks Near. Where did you get the name Cheetos ... That's cute.
  11. I like the cheetos cartoon cat .. not sure if that's the same one you were thinking of .
  12. He he ... like this one

  13. This is for all my CFS friends

  14. my cute cat <3 she was licking her lips :D haha
    she's so cute. i love her!

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  15. She is so cute . What's her name .
  16. Her name is Chloe :) I still consider her a baby, even though she's 9 years old!
  17. I had the flash on once, and my cat just looked at me like, 'What're you doin'?'. Isn't she adorable?! The only time she looks at the camera is if I put it directly in her face...and then ten seconds later she's sleep.

    You're welcome!

    My cousin brought Cheetos home...we're not sure who gave her the name...she used to live with some people in some apartments in West L.A. but she ran away and came with us. At first, we kind of thought it wasn't good for her since she's an elegant cat...but then it stuck. For a while there, she only responded to 'senorita'. Lol.

    I love her eyes - they're the most beautiful shape and color.
  18. Mine is Midnight and the grey one is Dusty . When she was a kitten she looked like a dust ball . and Midnight is her son .... Ha ha and he is twice the size of her.

    He was the runt of her litter and each night at midnight she would bring him up two flights of stairs and put him on my bed .... thus the name Midnight. I gues she wanted me to look after him . And now he is the King of the Castle and sometimes beats her up and I have to shout at him .
  19. This is Dusty . I never get a good picture of her .

  20. You're named after your cat?? :smiley90:

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