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  1. I find cast iron too heavy . But I guess it is good if you cook on the stove and then you can put it straight in the oven
  2. is it just me or does food that has been cooked in a cast iron pan taste better? that is all my grandma and mom use to cook with and to me it just seems that even the simplest things taste better when cooked in a cast iron pan or pot.
  3. I miss my cast iron. It just doesn't cook the same on a flat top stove compared to a gas stove. :(
  4. Cannot make cornbread without my cast iron skillet!

    I hide it so no one washes it!!! O, what a terrible thing to happen!:) It takes a while to get em' good and seasoned..

  5. Not just you, food cooked in a cast iron pan/pot definitely tastes better IMO. I love my cast iron pots.:D
  6. I replaced the kitchen range with a gas range last Spring. When I made the switch, I went to primarily all cast iron cookware. I really do prefer it. It cooks so much better and yes, the food does taste better. I can tell the biggest difference in grilled cheese sandwitches cooked on the cast iron griddle instead of Teflon anything. It is also a source of iron in the diet.
  7. Cast iron is awesome for cooking because the thickness of the metal holds a huge amount of heat energy and transfers it readily without loosing ambient temperature.
    One word of advice- do not put it in the dishwasher as it will rust and be ruined as I sadly found out.

  8. +1 on not putting it in the dishwasher. Or using soap of any kind for that matter. It can be salvaged after the fact, but it is not fun.

    Usually I just wipe the pan out good and spray with cooking spray before putting it away. Sometimes I will sprinkle a little salt in and rub it around. Also, if things are particularly stubborn, I will get the pan really hot, then pour a little water in the pan. Pretty much everything pops up at that point.
  9. I have never cooked with cast iron. I just remember when I bought my flat top stove, it was one of the pans that should not be used. So I guess now, I will never be able to compare it to a teflon pan.

  10. Cast iron is the best to cook with, tho it is very heavy it distributes the heat very evenly. To wash, never use soap, just a steel wool or scotch bright scrubby pad or deglaze it with boiling water. What ever dont come out leave it. it is seasond like a BBQ. I love cast iron, n it dont warp ever!
    N if ya lose the surface texture n contaminate the metal LOL:D U can reseason it in the oven at 500 degrees for 1 hr. Then add salt to all sides being careful not to burn ur self, then another 1/2 hr more. Let cool. Then coat with oil. The oil will reseason the pan n protect the metal from rust.
    BTW a little rust never hurt no 1.
    IIIIIII LLLLLoooooovvvveeee my cast iron pots n pans:cool::D:)
    Chili out
  11. OK, I have quite a few Cast Iron pans and Dutch Ovens. Both Tri-Leg and flat bottom. So far, I have not been able to find Cast Iron pots. Just regular sauce pots. Anybody have a source?
  12. This is so true and the teflon that comes off is poisinous. I can't count how many teflon and other non-stick pans I've bought through the years but I can count how many cast iron frying pans I've bought... one I bought ten years ago and I'm confident it will be the last till I die. If you take care of them, they last forever. My mom uses one that's probably 50+ years old and it's as good as new.

    You can buy online here:
  13. An old boss of mine told me this story:

    His neighbor was a drunk and used to come home and beat his wife. One night she hit him in the face with a cast iron skillet as he slept. After that he never drank again and was a model husband so it seems as though cast iron can also teach manors.
  14. :funnypost:LOL .. ouch!

  15. You can also go to
    Not all of their cast iron is made by Lodge, but their Lodge stuff is cheaper than you can get it by ordering directly from Lodge.
  16. All I use on my cooktop is Cast Iron...LOVE it! The cool thing is I can also use it over a fire if I want to.

    For the oven & microwave, I also use papered chef stonewear...wouldn't want to live without it!

    Cast Iron & Stonewear...


    Two thumbs up!
  17. Just a word about Chinese made cast iron cookware.

    There is some evidence in the industry that there is more to the metal content in Chinese made cookware that just cast iron. Buyer / user beware. :(

  18. Yup! I love stonewear too.

  19. Excellent point. It is a shame that it has to be that way. :mad:

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