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  1. It's interesting to see how this has been developing. I remember in the late 80's when we got the stripe on our drivers licence and the things in the stores that tell if you are stealing something, with the sensors. And about 7 years ago the tap your atm card....and now you can pay for things with your phone yikes. Oh and don't forget about the small rice sized chips in animals and now some people, claiming that it is good for medical thanks!
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  2. My house is paid off, all my credit cards, no car payments ect. I have a gun, a variety of fishing poles and Jesus. What more do i need? I live deep in the woods and this alone provides for my sustenance :) Thank you Jesus for putting me in the deep countryside
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  3. I get stuck in capitals or big cities. :( I miss the country. Went through HS in Kentucky and I miss it a lot!
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  4. What going cashless does is 1. it will supposedly end the black market (actually they will just change to commodities versus cash)
    2. it allows the banks to have negative interest rates, thus allowing them to charge you for having money
  5. Biblically, I don't think chips like the ones you are referring to are anything to afraid of, though I would stay away from the brain altering implants (still a work in progress).
    As a military medic and EMT I can tell you that medical information chips would allow for far faster and more effective emergency treatment in a great many cases, especially when a patient is unconscious, impaired, or to young to know needed info. Bracelets and the like are useful, but they are often forgotten or lost by the time medical help gets there.

    Besides I think its worth mentioning that the mark spoken in the Revelation is only damning when it is combined with worship of the beast, and it is far more likely that the mark is a way of thinking (forehead) and acting (forearm) than simply just a physical thing.
    Just think how hard it is for non-muslims to get things in muslim controlled areas...
  6. Its also worth remebering that using a cash system is effectively the same as using the 'cashless' system so many worry about.
  7. But cash doesn't allow you to be tracked like a studied animal. Cashless is trackable. Every debit card or credit card transaction is trackable, which is cashless.
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  8. There is some merit there, though I can pretty much gaurantee that someone smarter or more knowledgable than me will find a way to beat the system.
  9. If man makes it, man can break it. Only integrity and responsibility of an entire society can prevent what we're going through. If society denies God then society gets what it wants and even though they don't believe in Him, use His name in vain and blames Him for everything. Shoot, most Christians blame God too for their woes.
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  10. Actually I would not mind a cashless system. Trade you a meelie for two pears. Home baked bread for a yellowtail.
    Should that come - our kind will get much closer than before.
  11. I still pay my gas with cash, and I ask for checks instead of direct deposits.
    The upside of starting young is that I'm starting to track a path of a (hopefully) debt free adult life. Everything is paid in full, and if I have to finance something, it is through owner financing and not a bank. I hope to not own a credit card in my lifetime.

    If America does turn into a cashless society before we collapse as a country, then I'll just have to grow potatoes and become (more) self sufficient, there isn't alot I need, and the Lord does a pretty good job at providing so long as I'm willing to do the work.
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  12. Good for you. Actually I think it'll be the other way around - collapse of the economy, then no more cash.
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  13. My life is already pretty much cashless. My employer does not offer an option to get a check. We have to have direct deposit. Most of my monthly bills (mortgage, internet, utilities, etc) are automatic withdrawal. So I never really even see my money.
  14. No absolutely.
    The quicker you can get rid of the stuff the better.:LOL:
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