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Discussion in 'Evangelism' started by hyperkilia, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. I heard on the news a while ago now about the cashless society.

    The non believers are so blind, I end up by wishing that I had the ability to remove the veil from their eyes.

    Its so easy to see that the Bible is truth and yet, the world still chooses to believe the media.

    For example the cashless society coming, its in the bible about the mark of the beast and the cashless society and yet people who were giving the news about it told everyone that its not what the bible is talking about. :/

    Another the anti Christ, people think its the Muslims as (I dont know if its the same in every other country)But here in Australia they are stopping the Childcare groups from saying Merry Christmas instead its Happy holidays.

    What makes it worse is that our (Australia's) Prime Minister is an Atheist :/

    There are also those people who are afraid to speak of Christ in public.

    For instance of that one. There was one time I was at school and this girl that used to talk to me, well her and I were talking about God (more so me, she was very umm iffy about it) then we walked into the class room and shes like we cant talk about him in here because these other people dont like it. I told her well they talk about a lot of crap and dont care that others dont like it so Im allowed to talk about my saviour where ever I want as its a free country.

    Its getting that way though, where anywhere you go people hate what you talk about and avoid you.
  2. Praise God for your testimony! :)

    Those that are true followers of Jesus and His Gospel cannot extinguish their light within them and so the darkness must flee. Sadly, Luke 6:22-26 tells us it is in the nature of things.

    Keep on shining, my friend! :)
  3. Yes and its only going to get worse. Which my Mum keeps reminding my sister and I that we just need to keep praying and keep our faith and love for Christ strong and no matter what anyone says to keep remembering that he is the only way to heaven :).
  4. Don't know what is worse an athiest Prime Minister or what we have got - a polygamous guy who visits the witch doctors for advise. I think we are seeing the fruits in our nation. Very sad.

    Be encouraged, God's word says all these things must happen which means the return of Christ could be soon. Rather read scripture and build yourself up than dwell in wordly events which only depress.

    BTW - the cashless society thing may or may not be the system of the Beast (mark). We will have to see. If the cashless society thing controls us to support and do evil, well then it very may well be the dreaded mark!
  5. It is very sad :(.


    Hmm true.

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