Cashless is coming

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    well back in the 80's when the bankcard came along everyone got excited about
    the idea of 666 was on your bankcard,
    well Denmark, where 40% of people pay for everything without good old CASH MONEY
    is going to go cashless and start forcing the population to toe the line,
    Australia may be next
    and probably the rest of the world within 10 years.
    The good: all that money flowing through illegal entities will be traceable , no longer hiding the loot,
    the bad: the government will know exactly what you spend and where you spent it,
    and if the beast comes along in the next 10 or so years and says no buying or selling without
    the mark then you will not be able to resort to cash under your bed, because it will be worthless. Yep, you dollar bills will be gone, zip, nill, vanished, no more George Washington, no more coin collecting, no get the idea.
  2. Aside from the scriptural promise, it's the easiest way for the government to tax you "fairly" and for corporations to track your spending habits. It's a way to break the money laundering and black markets. At least that's what they say. In reality it's a way to remove all privacy and to keep the population in subjugation. It's not just Denmark, all the central banks are demanding the end of cash. It will eventually happen and as with anything centralized, someone will exploit it.
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  3. people who bought some land with the idea of end of world escapism or safety, they imagine they can run away from life and the judgment day,
    but there will be no escape for anyone when the beast condemn all Christian to choose to receive the mark or die,
    those who are worldly Christians will receive the mark
    like everyone is getting tattoos, no big deal just do it,
    they will also taste the wrath of God
    and be ashamed forever.
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  4. The mark is unlikely to be a tattoo. It will almost certainly be a RFID device inserted below the skin.

    Chip implant gets cash under skin-
  5. I don't believe it'll be earthly... meaning it won't be man's technology, but maybe... Muslims can't wait to receive the mark of the beast - a supernatural mark.
  6. Why not?
  7. God seals His supernaturally - may be visible - but supernaturally. The devil is a mimicker and he'll do the same through lies. It may be physical, but I don't believe it'll be man made. Think about it: God is going to blot your name out of the book of Life for an RFID chip? There's much more to it than a chip. A chip is going to throw anyone who takes it into the lake of fire? Just some thoughts.
  8. Its not merely a chip, its a decision to reject God in the same way that the apple in the garden was.
    Thus you could ask the same question regarding Adam.
    Is an apple going to throw anyone who eats it out of the Garden of Eden?
  9. True. FYI It wasn't an apple :)
  10. Sorry, banana!
  11. LOL

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