Cars and devices could soon be powered by hydrogen extracted from urine

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Boanerges(Inactive), Jul 10, 2009.

  1. hmmmm....that sounds strange to me.

  2. Science can be strange. It is certainly a renewable resource- LOL!:D
  3. That does sound strange, but then again, I bet a lot of things that we do today sounded very strange way back when.

    I had a thought though. Ok say they do this and urine is taken from an individual whose had a few too many to drink... would it make the car hiccup? :D
  4. EEEeeeehhhhhhuuuuummmmm......

  5. All I can say is, "I'll drink to that"... and then wait 4 hours....:D

    Y'all are makin' me thirsty.... and then I'll be doin' my part ta hydrogenate my pickup truck motor so I can get home after possum huntin'.

    Now I gotta get a bumper sticker what says "Powered by Coors byproducts"...:eek:

    Y'all have a good evenin', now, y'hear.
  6. One of these days we're all gonna be a sittin around...
    Tellen our yungins bout the olden days

    when we used to have to run our cars and motercicles on
    Pee-Trollium products! :D
  7. It gives a whole new meaning to "have one for the road".:)
  8. believe it or not, all alcohol (ethanol) is just yeast's urine so why not?

    . FYI: CO2 (used to make freon for air conditioners/refrigerators, dry ice & the fizz in beer & pop) is yeast's (gas)

  9. Yep the stuff folks drink at a bar is really pee pee.:eek::eek::p
  10. Heheheheh....I feel you Richard

    Thank GOD I don't drink.


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