Carbon is half the problem

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    the photo above shows England, I think or somewhere at night,
    looks pretty,
    but during the day and even at night those little lights represent places where there are heat sinks, thermal generators sucking in solar
    due to iron, tin, tar roads, cement roads, house tops, industrial complexes, shopping centres
    etc, and all of them globally pumping out just a little bit of warmth.
    If you don't believe me go an lie on a tar road in the summer with no shirt on.
    it won't matter if you take every car off the road right now,
    you have that global heat generator still there.
    Pre-industrial about 1900 there were only a billion people on earth and no cars and no climate change or at least only cyclical.
  2. It cannot be helped, it the change in times. The only thing we can do is to watch our own carbon footprint. (y)
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    G'day THALLON,
    what do you think would happen if we stopped burning all fossil fuels and in general stopped all man made sources of reflecting/radiating heat back out into space?
    I'm thinking that the more heat energy the sun pumps into our little home, if we don't pump an equal amount back out into space,we could end up cooked.
    What would happen if we sent out more heat energy than the sun is pumping in?
  4. I don't think it is really going to happen, mankind is hooked on coal and china and india are building so many coal powered stations every week,
    I had my roof painted a light color instead of the dark colors around me particularly because light colors reflect,
    mind you today we are expected 37 degrees Celsius about 98.6 F, winds and humidity, sweaty and hot. i'm walking to the shops expect to have
    a wet shirt by the time I get back.
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