Can't Seem To Tap Into The Holyspirit....

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  1. I was gonna ask how do feel the HS convicting you, along with other Qs.

    But its been 4 yrs since I've been saved..and I don't feel him convicting me or hear him talk to me ,most times..i hear him twice a blue moon..and im wondering ..whats wromg?

    It discourages me bc im trying and I want Him in my life but ...its like God is ignorinv me.
    I giv him open chances to build my faith so i can trust Him but its like He cops a squat nd messes all over the chance im giving Him.( no offense )

    I just worry bc I haven't changed much and its not that i didn't want it, its just only the HS changes pll..
    And ...idk not sure how to get Gods attn to change me.
  2. God is not ignoring you. He loves all his creation and wants the best for his creation. You just have to wait. When God doesn't give you something, that means, you are not ready to receive it yet. If you are ready to receive what you want, that means, God will give it to you at that time.
  3. But i am ready to be changed.
  4. I will give you an example of how god can give signs to build trust. I hope this can relate to your situation.

    You want a job but don't have the skills for it. the Holy Spirit will talk to you via employers, and the employers will give you experience (internship, or volunteer) of the skills that are needed for the job and the holy spirit will give you the job eventually by speaking through your future employers by asking you if you want to work for them.
  5. I had a job, i got how to do everything except prep, my pastor told me to ask Him to help me .and he'll tell you which wing/ leg to pull( i worked at Popeyes)
    And I asked Him...and I got nothing..he said nothing.
    I did everything else right though.
  6. You seem to have His joy and you feel His Love for others? Maybe you have more than you understand?
  7. Maybe, i remember going to another church some sundays ago, and the prophet said she could see His glory around me...but im like how come I cant feel it or his conviction. .. idk..maybe ur right.
  8. Well maybe you don't understand what that "conviction" is trying to do? The scriptures say that the Holy Spirit "convicts" the WORLD of sin..because they do not convicts us of righteousness..meaning we are right with God according to our faith in Christ. The Holy Spirit is lifting us up, (to walk in Gods Righteousness) not tearing us down as sinners.
  9. 4 years as a believer and you still want to "Feel" something?

    It's time to grow up.

    Babies need bottles, and they need that closeness.

    If you go to a spirit filled church then it's very easy to get in feeling mod. People come to me and ask... Have you heard anything from the Lord for me. I say no, but what does the Word say?

    The wife was just saying the other day about a 1,000 dollar bill we needed paid. She said God has not spoke to her about it, and what have I heard? She said I think we hit a spiritual wall, and doing something wrong.

    I just looked at her and said, Women, God already said he would supply our needs and is more than able to correct us if we need to be corrected. If I did everything perfect, then bless God I would not need Jesus. The money is coming because the Word said it was coming, now hush that unbelief.

    It was that afternoon, someone came to the door unexpected and handed my wife a check for 1,000 dollars saying they Lord told them to give that to us. We never mention need to anyone or even hint about it to anyone. God hears just fine and is more equipped to meet any need than any human can.

    I get in my spirit that God is not treating you like a child anymore. You need to believe the Word and grow up.
    The more you focus on His things, His people and not yourself, the more direction you will get. We don't need direction if we not doing much.

    As I matured, my simple faith prayers did not work anymore, it was time to learn and understand more. With understanding comes greater things. Less hand holding and more working with.

    If God needs you to know something, He will tell you. If He does not say anything, then stay the path. The more focused on his things, the more you will hear.
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    Well micheal H i don't think its abt " growing up" my pastor has been a Christian 30 + yrs and still feels his presence. .

    And technical im 4 yrs old in the spirit. im Definetely not grown up yet..not that i despise maturity..but i think I know where im at.

    Edit: now that Ive read everything, you maybe right... but even when i was starting out I didn't have that closeness others had, wher tthey'd hear from Him and have experiences and such...idk.
  11. Your Pastor hears, because he has to hear.

    More than once I have been told by others they "Feel" or have even seen a glow around me, and I did not feel a blessed thing or even knew. Our flesh does get use to the constant presence of the Holy Spirit.

    I went 6 months not hearing a peep from God. I was truck driving. Now I just believe the Word, and only need to hear if it's something the Word does not cover.

    Still................... I wondered about it, so I asked the Lord. "Why have you not said anything to me? It's been six months Lord."

    The Lord said, "What do I have to say to you, your doing well and have stopped talking to people for me."

    So I told the Lord the next person He tells me to speak to, I will. I had got into a routine of driving that I forgot even on the road, there is lots of folks to speak to.

    It was my next stop, I backed the truck into the dock and the head doc supervisor met me. He cussed me out for being early, told me He might me sit there until next morning then left to go yell at some other employee's. Very rude guy.

    So I am just standing around and guess who the Lord wanted me to talk to for him................./????

    God is just like that, could care less about our comfort zone. I said fine Lord, I'll talk to him when he gets done cursing out his doc workers.

    I had no idea what I was going to say, but if the Lord said talk to him the bless God, I would have what to say when I got his attention.

    I caught him alone messing with some vending machine, and I told him I needed to speak with him about something. Just then I saw in the spirit his childhood, his teen years and his adult years. It was like a mini movie that played instantly and I also knew what to tell him.

    Anyway, in the end he was crying, promising to go to church and just a mess, but the Lord got to him. He also got me unloaded and shook my hand like 4 times.

    As we start to expect God to use us to help others, and start just believing the Word for ourselves, then the Lord has things to talk to us about.

    The Lord said...... I will never leave you or forsake you........... That word should be good enough.
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  12. Try not to rely on your emotions and feelings. Everybody likes that supernatural feeling you get when the Holy Spirit is moving, don't hold on to that as proof of Him in your life. Read through the Psalms. David had a heart after God's, and yet he would cry out, where are you!?
  13. can I speak bluntly without offense ???
    that is your difficulty ..
    you DID change yourself ..
    you give Him chances ???
    who exactly is holding control on your life ???

    try more praise for the creator on whom all things exist because of and are sustained because of .. we are NOTHING .. and have ZERO elevation except by Him ..

    BTW: as I endure in my belief and obedience, I come closer to realizing salvation ..
    and indeed, God does save mankind only by His grace ..

    God Bless you ..
  14. and David said: take not your Holy Spirit from me (Psa 51:11) ..
    the HS will only leave you IF you leave God ..
    the Holy Spirit DOES move/work within all believers lives ..
    BUT, if you want Him to SPEAK to you (to which David was referring) it takes obedience in ALL THINGS ..

    God Bless You ..
  15. Act 5:32 “And we are witnesses of these things; and so is the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to those who obey Him.”

    you may also want to read 1Pe 1:1-5 ..
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    FYI: when I am not entirely in obedience, the HS does NOT speak to me ..
    He waits for me to correct it (by denouncing what I am doing wrong) ..
    and EARNESTLY SEEK not to do that again ..

    some are content with being "luke-warm" .. but that is a BAD idea ..

    Rev 2:5 ‘Therefore remember from where you have fallen, and repent and do the deeds you did at first; or else I am coming to you and will remove your lampstand out of its place—unless you repent.

    God Bless ALL as we seek to DO His will ..
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  17. very pointed .. you stopped ..
    we are commanded to be ambassadors and preach God's word ..
    we are to do this in obedience .. so obedience in that, was WHY He stopped speaking ..

    God Bless you Michael as you continue to DO His will ..
  18. very pointed .. you were content and stopped ..
    we are commanded to be ambassadors and preach God's word ..
    we are to do this in obedience .. so obedience in that, was WHY He stopped speaking ..

    God Bless you Michael as you continue to DO His will ..
  19. The statement "its like He cops a squat and messes all over the chances i'm giving Him" should give you a huge clue Pancakes. How benevolent of YOU to give HIM chances to do it all without your yielding to His word and will...

    Here is your solution...prayerfully dig into the word and seek His will, then yield your self interest to that...

    Here is one "God wills that all people would come to repentance"...start there...if you are saved and have the Spirit after a very short time you will begin to see changes...

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  20. We are already changed 2 Cor 5:17, just going from glory to glory now 2 Cor 3:18.

    I want to propose you alter your mindset a bit. Instead of ''waiting to hear from Him'' become aware of His constant presence with you. That peace that comes upon us that surpasses all understanding Phil 4:7 is His presence on, with, around us. It is a very real experience and trumps simply 'hearing' from Him.

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