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can't log in

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by this is GodSpeaks, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. can't log in

    I can't sign in and I didn't change my password. What do I do??
  2. Finally I got in! I wonder what the problem was. :confused: I've been trying again and again with this same password and now it works!
  3. What BROWSER are you using ? - and if it is a Microsoft version and you recently did a SECURITY PATCH update, some of those patches actually disrupt your PC cookie files and this symptom can be the result.

    Glad that it is operating for you again...
  4. Sounds a bit like "The Computer Experience" to me, brother!! *smile!* Computas does what computas wants ta!!

    Glad it's sorted out.

    - BM
  5. IE 8.
    I figured it was a glitch in the site. Then I noticed there were no posts and only a couple online for awhile. I didn't do a security patch, but did try to add some hardware that didn't work earlier. I didn't have trouble signing in to other sites. Anyway, glad there's no problem today.
  6. GodSpeaks, I suggest you download firefox. It's free and so much better! (In my opinion, that is!)

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