Can't focus while reading the Bible

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  1. I've found that, recently, I cannot focus whip reading the Bible. It is so hard for me to. I don't know why. Please help me. But I am learning to trust in God, so I will ask Him to help me tonight, and trust in Him to help.
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    When we commit ourselves to reading the word, the devil's habit is to do anything and everything to cause a distraction: the phone ringing, cold or heat, headache, tummy ache, urge to go to the bathroom too often, hunger, thirst, discomfort in your position, itchiness, noise, your cat lying on the bible, your dog whining or yapping, the neighbour's animals or kids or music making noises, etc, etc, etc!!! Believe me, I've experienced all of them and more!

    When you make the decision and speak it out loud that no matter what, you are going to read from God's word today, come rain or shine or anything else---and give the enemy fair warning---he will relent. We have authority over the enemy, even when it is our own subconscious rising up against us!

    Take that bull by the horns early on in your life and you will have beaten it solidly once and for all! It is obvious the enemy knows you will be built up spiritually by whatever you read, because that is one major way God speaks to us, and packs good things into us. The enemy will do anything to keep you from concentrating on what God is wanting to say to you. Don't let him!
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  3. Every night, as soon as I open my Bible, the cat appears and wants attention. I thought it was just me!
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  4. LOL---not just you, my friend!
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  5. I agree with Euphemia.

    Be encouraged though because even IF this issue persists, know that you are STILL getting benefit from reading. The word goes in you and the Holy Spirit will bring back what you read to your mind when necessary. I know this to be true from experience.
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  6. Yeah, that has happened in my experience as well.
  7. It happens to many of us.

    The important thing is to keep reading. Keep praying.

    Develop the personal discipline to continue. (Did you ever consider the connection between the words "discipline" and "disciple").

    If you can, arrange things so that distractions are minimized before you open the word. Pray about this.

    Sometimes reading a favorite passage can help you gain focus, and from there you can turn to the portion of His word that the enemy is trying to keep you from reading.

    Be patient.
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  8. I found that it is natural for me to think of Godly things before praying or reading the Bible.
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  9. What part are your reading?
  10. Random parts, though I have found that I keep going back to 1 Corinthians lately.
  11. I also find it helpful to read out loud. If my mind wanders, I'll read the passage over again (either right away or later).
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  12. I find that if I read out loud that I am less focused lol.
  13. lol, me too.
  14. I find it easier to focus when everyone else is asleep :) Even if they are in other room, sub-conscious mind keeps on reminding that someone else is doing something else in the house.
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  15. Try an audio Bible.....just as a substitute at times when you cannot focus....not for always, because the Word was meant to be kept before your eyes......and in all honesty if you read it out loud....after awhile it really does sink in deeper...because both sets of ears are hearing the Word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Romans 10:17.

    Another verse says that The Word of God is nigh thee...even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is the Word of faith, which we preach. Romans 18:8
  16. I find writing what I am reading helps me focus more, especially when I am comparing different translations. Also praying before I begin reading helps. If I start to feel unfocused I stop reading and pray again before I continue.

    I must say I am very relieved that I am not the only one who has this problem sometimes.


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