can't find anything like hillsongs???

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  1. can't find anything like hillsongs???

    Since being saved i'm enjoying rock more and more:) but I can't find anything similar to hillsong? That's all I listen to, I'll preview song on iTunes but they don't draw me in like hillsong... Ive heard delarious and m w snith and a few others but most of it isn't that true worship which I find in hillsong...m w smith is but its not for me:)hillsong have got powerfull lyrics and there beats never get boring:) any one out there can recommend some good worship music I'd appreciate it:)I'm 24:)
  2. It kind of boils down to whatever floats your boat. Some music is indeed more worshipful than others and Hillsong's is really nice but that is personal preference. If you can pour your heart out to God in it then it is apprrpraite for you.:)
  3. personally i really like stuff like Newsboys, Jars of Clay, Casting Crowns, Carman, Petra and all sorts of stuff like that but like Boan said it is all about your preferance :)
  4. I bet you would like some of the artists I have. Here is a list of some awesome artists: Aaron Shust, Lincoln Brewster, Chris Tomlin, Kutless, Lifehouse, Matthew West and the list goes on and on! Check these out on Youtube and listen to the whole song. Oh and for Matthew West type in More- Matt West. I guarantee you will like this song!
  5. If you like Hillsongs, I highly recommend these bands.

    RPM, the youth band at the Abundant Life Church in Bradford, Played at Rocknations everyday, Fantastic!

    Planetshakers, Another great band.

    If you want something a little heavier, I Highly Recommend a band called "Famly Force 5". Love addict is amazing.
  6. Also, Check out:

    DC Talk
    Sonic Flood
  7. Thanks guys:) I'll be previewing all of them:)
  8. Oggii, try Dallas Holmes. You might like him. He writes his own songs and is very mellow and worshipful.
  9. Check out:

    David Crowder
    Tim Hughes
    Matt Redman
    Chris Tomlin
  10. I'm not really a rock guy, however i've heard 3rd Day and they were refreshing to listen to.
  11. I'm not a rock guy too :) , and I like "worshiping Hillsongs" a little more than "rock Hillsong". So, if you like what I call "deep worship" you should listen to "Jesus culture". Their album "Your love never fails" is beautiful.

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