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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Bondman, May 12, 2011.

  1. I've hardly used Conversations, but did one last night. After "sending" it, I saw something to change, and clicked on Edit Conversation. A black rectangle came up, again allowing you to click to say Edit Conversation, so I did.

    But my Conversation could not be edited! I've rebooted the computer, reopened CFS and still it's as dead as dead. So the programming is apparently there TO Edit, but they didn't ever finish actually setting it up??

    I am sick and tired of this dreadful unfinished Forum Program with all of it's terrible programming, faults, and messes. Messes like implementation of the code we write in. If you use enhancements like I do... well, in BBC mode I've never seen such a disaster, like a massive TEN LINES of totally irrelevant code at the end of each paragraph and another TEN at the beginning of the next! Absolutely unreal!! Which can then completely prevent you from changing things - unless you go in and edit it all via their BBC disaster, which I've had to do numerous times.

    I could write half a dozen posts enumerating the things that don't work here, or don't work properly. It's really tragic. I seriously doubt they have any idea how to program a forum, and have just about had-it with their disasters, such that I'm seriously considering leaving CFS purely because of it.

    Any comments will be welcome!

    - BM
  2. I would guess that others are feeling some of your frustration. Sorry that it's confusing and less than adequate. I can't say that I disagree. Good luck in your decision.
  3. Relax, If God sent you here, you need to stick around.
  4. Really?? I stay because of the people in it, not for some fancy BBC. Honestly, I would hate to lose someone with such knowledge and wisdom from the Holy Spirit. I hope you stay because with people like myself who need a lot of study, people like yourself are needed.
  5. I've been frustrated with some of the "features" of this software as well, but have not had the time needed to really dig into it to fix some of these things. Jeff was going to go through some of the mods that he installed but it never quite happened so I will have to create a test server and see what I can do. It might take a while though.
  6. Hey man, hope you had a truly lovely wedding and time together!! My Beloved and I seriously recommend true Christian marriage - we're as happy together as pigs in mud and after 22 years love each other more than ever!

    Okay, to me the responsibility for things that work poorly or not at all rest with the programmers of the product. It was pretty obvious from day 1 that they were creating a product that was going to end up poorer than the one we shifted from. But that's life in 2011 - which is why, just as soon as I can "organise" it I'm going back to the 1950's when life was a lot simpler, people were nicer, and life WAS a pile easier (I know some may comment that I only think it was better then, but trust me my life as a child and teen was basically wonderful, with few of the frustrations and stresses like we have from society and technology today).

    Blessings, Bana!!

    - BM

    EDIT: A case in point!! I needed to ADD the quote to the top of this post. Did so, and it put about 10 lots of totally irrelevant BCC code at top and bottom of the quote. This ultimately resulted in maybe 10 - 15 blank lines between the quote and the rest of the post. The only way to fix this was to go into the BCC code to get it right. And sometimes when I go to edit a post it puts the black borders round - but won't let me do any changes at all. I then have to go into "More Options" to make them. It's faults like this that convince me these guys really don't know all that well what they're doing.

    But I'm sorry for being so "grizzly" about them in the O.P. I hereby repent of that and forgive them as I should have done originally (but I may continue to speak of their problems - a little more nicely!)

  7. You're absolutely right Jas, thankyou!! He DID send me here, and I did sound off too strongly in my post. I think that as my chronic illnesses (that I've had since childhood, as has my beloved wife) continue to get worse and worse, that problems with our forum program just make things even harder for me. I will watch my "complaining" more carefully from here on - and am not leaving (despite how I sometimes feel...)

    Bless you heaps!

    Thankyou for your post and kind words, Christine (it's interesting that even with the long Christian life I've lived, and the amazing life I now experience by the Spirit, your post made me very aware that I need some words of encouragement occasionally, same as everyone else! - so your post was a real and unexpected blessing to me!!)

    You're absolutely right, of course, that it's people who count! As I've said to Jas above I'll do better from here on regarding BBC and programming frustrations!

    His peace be with you!!

    - BM
  8. Hey, Jeff!!

    I've sent numbers of emails to you in recent time (maybe all to a gmail address) with no response - so haven't known where you are, or how you are, or what you're doing. (Maybe you can catch me up when you have time.)

    Love n blessings!

    - BM
  9. I haven't checked one of my email addresses for a long time. That could be why. Or I might have missed them some how. Good to hear from you. My life's changed a lot now. Moved to middle-east permanently, got a new job and a girl-friend. :) Planning to help Church in this region.
  10. Goodness a new job and girlfriend at the same time!! Well, that is great, my friend!

    I won't use that email address any more - just happy to hear that all is okay for you. That's what matters. I do remember where you were hoping/expecting to get a job out there, and have wondered what happened to it. So good news all round.

    May He bless and guide you in your work with the church there, and also guide you to grow more and more in sanctification! Much love!!

    - BM

  11. :) I will pray for you. Thanks for staying!
  12. Thankyou Christine!

    I read your profile and the "Today" thread, and am praying that you and Jesus will become close once again. You've not given up and that's half the battle, so I believe it will happen for you. CFS is not perfect (no forums every are) but there are some good people here, so a good place to be. Please note at bottom of my sig how you can search for words/phrases in my Messages - I'd hope/believe you could find some good help there!

    Bless you lots!!

    - BM

    EDIT: My "today" was relatively good for me considering how poor my health is - not so tired all day, a little bit of energy, clearer head, and my spirit is where it should be (in good shape by the Holy Spirit in me - "thankyou, Lord!!") And that's why I believe in PRAYER!!!


    Me in "Gertie" at the PC. This is how I'm able to minister on the Net. Gertie is not cos my legs are no good as such, just because my whole body is sovery low in energy and has been for years (really, really weak, if you like) that I need her to get around these days.
  13. Hah!! I continue to speak about this forum program. When I was about to add the image in the above post, too bad if I'd wanted to put a link in: both "Link" and "Unlink" were grayed and unavailable. (I've seen this numbers of times before.) So if it was a link I wanted, I'd have had to code it in BBC, or leave it out...

    This is so basic that I have to ask: "Dear programmers, 'Why is this?'"

    - BM
  14. Yes, I have been really blessed. Now there's few more things that I want to see. Mainly, I want to be involved in an effective evangelistic ministry. Evangelism is difficult in the middle-east. You can arrested, punished or deported if we take it public. Because of that, evagelism here is not given that much importance. I am getting chances to speak to small crowds. Anyway, God will open ways. :)

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