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  1. I have this friend that got told this for some ,"food for thought.":

    "What's more important: worshipping God , or going to some stupid drag race?"

    I bring this up because I want your opinions about this quoted question.

    My opinion is that you should be able to worship God anywhere you want. Be it at a drag race, home , in your car, etc.

    Also this friend was called about going to a Christian men's retreat and studying about God , but he couldn't, and that quoted question was what he got asked. He is no longer friends with the person who asked it. I just would like your valued opinions please. Thanks, and God bless.
  2. There is a time for everything. Few are to heavenly minded and no earthly good whilst most are to earthly and no heavenly good.

  3. So, you're basically saying it all balances out? Is that what you're saying?
  4. No. We are in the world to witness Jesus to it. We shouldn't avoid drag days and such. But then neither should we avoid weekly meetings and once off weekends away for worship.
  5. You're saying that my friend that got asked the question was in the wrong for going to a drag race instead of the men's retreat? He is totally blind and couldn't take the time off. And plus he had the drag race already planned with his Dad.
  6. Thats fine. Your friend is saved?
  7. Yes , he is saved. As far as I know. You're saying if he isn't saved, then it's wrong for him to go have fun. You sound like the person that asked him the question.
  8. Before I address the question, I would be more concerned as to why the friendship ceased over such a petty issue. I would be more concerned about speaking to my friend about having love for others even if I disagreed with them.

    However, your question. There is no right or wrong in the bible concerning this issue. It was your friends choice. If your friend is saved then the main concern should be doing God's will, not his own. If God had wanted him to go to the retreat then he should. However, it could be that there would be someone at the drag race who needed salvation or help and if your friend was in God's Spirit, that would be the place he should be. If God did not instruct him or your friend is unsaved, your friend then has to make his own decision. There is nothing wrong with having fun as long as the fun does not contradict what is in the bible. If unsaved, however, you should be encouraging him to be in as many places that speak the gospel as possible. Don't you want to know if he saved? As someone grows in the Lord they realize it is not about their own desires, but about God's will. When walking in God's will there are spiritual rewards in the persons moments that far outweigh all earthly things, but a person cannot know this or doesn't experience this unless they are submitted to what God wants.
  9. If your friend felt God was calling him to go to the retreat and didn't then that is between him and God. Could be he was meant to go to the drag race. God doesn't want us to be in warm and fuzzy places all the time. We need to be disciples and spread the word and that means going to places other than Church and worship conventions. Now far as not being friends anymore over this. Sounds like there is more to it then just mad cause he didn't go. I had an opportunity to go on a missions trip with my brother-in-law and chose not to because I didn't feel God was calling me to do it. He understood and went by himself. No reason to get upset over it.
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  10. What a beautiful picture!
  11. It seemed like an ultimatum. Basically "my way or the highway" type thing. I asked my Dad and that's what he said. And they aren't friends anymore cause of the person asking the question is just annoying. But that's not the point
  12. Well no one should give an ultimatum, but you as a believer should pray that God reveals love to the person giving the ultimatum and that he teaches the person that you can't and shouldn't force a person, because forced salvation or commitment to God isn't real and wouldn't please God. Pray that God reveals to this person how to love others to Christ.
  13. I meant to say that the person who asked the question was the one who broke off the friendship. Basically he did this because the guy being asked the question burned him 80, yes. 80 CDs and wanted him to pay for shipping them out to him. He basically called up, Ryan who was being asked the question, and just told him never to call him again. Hope you guys understand this.

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