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  1. I can easily imagine Obama having Bible studies, but one of the problems we have these days is people being partisan and trying so hard to tie in Biblical references to their agenda rather than being lead by Christianity and allowing it to dictate into one's political leanings. I've met tons of people on all sides of the political scale trying to make faith submit to a political agenda rather than the other way around.

    My neighbor has a bumper sticker that reads "Jesus was a Liberal." I'll bet you a million dollars there is also a "Jesus was a Conservative" bumper sticker out there.
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  2. I don't really understand the the question but from where I sit (when I am political I am left leaning on the social side of things although I don't think I'd make a "liberal" reading of the bible" - I'm caught in the middle somewhere...) and in the UK, I've actually felt Obama to be a good president, perhaps not everything I'd hoped but certainly a contrast from Bush from an outside the US viewpoint.

    I do actually agree with LS though. It's all to easy to colour God with our own political beliefs, patriotisms, etc. I know that I for one can do it...
  3. The reason why some might find it outrageous may be due to his push for war, taxes, support for gay marriage, etc. But the line of war vs. unjust war continues to be debated as does the subject of taxation. But one subject which is overwhelmingly visible is his push for abortion. Sadly, I've met many Christians who believe abortion is the right and moral thing to do and that the Scriptures even support it.
  4. You may have noted that Obama's policies are exactly the same as Bush's, they may as well be twins.
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  5. Indeed. They express differences on social policies, but for the most part, their policies have been identical in action.
  6. Just for (I hope) clarity. I find abortion complicated but life starts at conception, I don't accept there is this "thing" stage. I also believe that life is a gift that few of us (if any?) truely understand - it's more that just robotics and animation. I do have doubts (eg if the mother would die) but I (I hope) in no way consider a baby a "disposable throw away without concern object". Personally, I feel I can argue that from a generally "helping the poor" perspective but, yes, when we get into politics, people's mileages do seem to vary...
  7. We've definitely gotten into the subject of abortion in this forum before. I honestly think many people have been duped into thinking abortion is for the greater good and is absolutely moral, but the problem is that people who scream the loudest for it 1) haven't done their homework on what abortion really is (saving one life which indirectly results in the death of another is not an abortion--directly killing one to save another is), and 2) DO know what abortion is, but want to find a way to justify the act so that they can continue to do whatever they want.

    But one of the reasons I've heard, especially working with an organization that focuses on ending hunger and poverty, is that if we promote abortion, resources won't be as scarce and it will help people. I've also heard that it is cruel to bring someone up in a poor environment and they should be aborted so that they don't live a life of struggle.

    There are so many arguments in favor of abortion that people deem as moral, but the truth is these aren't moral one bit. They all result to killing an innocent human being, and killing Peter to help Paul is not a just act of goodness.
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  8. It's always easy to be a Monday quarterback. Pres. Obama's first act, still cold from the swearing in, was to sign that Gitmo be closed. Here we are all these years later and it's still open... that says more than anything about the reality of information we do not have access to in order to make a fair judgment. We have the president the Lord wants us to have. I do not pardon or extol either man, I just know one thing for absolute certainty: I would never be dumb enough to run for the White House. :p Anyone that wants that kind of torture needs help... and tons of prayer.

  9. Yes and no. It's seems Obama's healthcare things did ruffle a few feathers??? That said, if you are asking whether there is any government that is not ultimately serving higher paymasters, I'd say I feel the same thing in the UK. Sadly, while I think there are exceptions, politics in general has a smell of corruption around it - is that what you mean?
  10. Unless I'm mistaken, I think he might mean between militarization expansion, continual spending, and even domestic programs and hyper security of spying, both Obama and Bush had pretty much done the same things. And he's right. There's a joke here that people have voted in a 4th term for Bush thanks to Obama. Though a lot of Obama and Bush supporters tend to disagree with this sentiment. I respectfully disagree with both of them.
  11. I think you have wisdom there...
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  12. In part, just about every leader we've had in the 100 years has been rotten to the core. Even Kennedy was hardly a choir boy, but he got killed for trying to straighten things out.
    Both Bush and Obama serve the multinational corporations. They get their jollies killing brown people on the far side of the world while funding the guys that shoot back at our troops. Judgement day is going to be really ugly for a lot of these "politicians".
  13. I am thinking 'Jesus is an independent' is closer to the mark...:)
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  14. OK thanks. One thing I'm really curious about is what you feel JFK might have done I know of Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby but my US history (and even my own UK history) is not that good.

    UK wise btw, I often felt John Smith would have been the best politician we never had as PM. He died of a heart attack and was buried in Iona.
  15. JFK intended to disband the CIA and was not fond of the Federal Reserve either. Either one of those would have made him hundreds of very poweful enemies.

  16. Hmm shadowy organisation, the CIA. Drifting but years ago, my brother needed to do a job in Sellafield (nuclear power place). I dropped them several years ago but younger days, I used to sing rebel songs (though I never was a supporter of terrorism, I never fully made that link as to what I sung might be seen). My mother got a visit and someone somewhere knew all about me (MI5/MI6 over here??) . Brother did wind up going to work on the job but I was sort of aware that "a big brother" could be watching me.

    The American one that intrigues me (perhaps as I like folk music - Pete Seeger I think got caught up in it, etc) Is the Joe Macarthy one. Any one here care to offer a brief insight from an American perspective?
  17. Greetings:

    17 trillion in debt,that's depravity.If the a bible study starts in the WH,it most likely will be use to assess
    war preparations to Egypt.Also,Israel must pay for Moses' education debt.


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