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  1. hey, everyone.
    Heres a question. Alot of christians talk about God speeking to them or through them but what if you can't hear God? Is it only a number of chrisitans that may have this blessing? I know someone who is a believer but she doesn't believe people can actually hear or feel God. I don't totally understand her view point on the feeling part but think I can understand the part about not hearing Him, since I'm not sure I've ever had that experience myself.
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  2. Hi, Faith!
    I'm Katie, btw :) Feel free to call me that!
    If you can't hear God, you have to examine yourself. What's keeping YOU from hearing the voice of God? God doesn't just stop talking at random times. He talks to you all the time. But sin blocks out His voice.
    You also need to know HOW God speaks to you. Because God doesn't talk to everyone the same way. Some people actually hear God's voice audible. I personally don't.
    FInd out how God speaks to you.
    If you're drowning in sin (meaning--Sin has dominion over your life), then you can't hear God's voice. The only thing that God despises is sin. And sin blocks out His voice. So he may be talking to you, and it's loud and clear, but your sin is making God's voice to a whisper that you can't even hear him!
  3. And God is not a God of confusion. If you are feeling CONFUSED, rebuke it because that's from the enemy.
  4. Hey Faith, apart from the bible, I believe God often speaks to us through our circumstances.
  5. Hey sis! I have an example for ya! And Katie up there is right, He doesn't talk to everyone the same way. ^.~
    This is SO not easy to explain either, so bare with me! He talks to me through my mind, it's like a sudden sentence that will come to mind and it will have nothing to do with what I'm doing at the time. Except when I read the Bible and ask for His guidance to help me understand. Sometimes it's right away and sometimes it's a few days before I get an answer or understand it. I think it's His way of guiding me.

    Now, I know Satan will do the same thing and it's very important to know who is talking to you. Like Katie said, the confusion. I often fight that when reading some part of the Bible I don't understand. Fear is another one for me. Yes, I still fight that today when going to bed, but I know God is with me and I go on my Prayer Wall on my iPod to pray for people before going to sleep. It does calm me down and surrounds me with His love.
  6. God speaks to me all the time, but I have never heard it as a audible voice. I have heard it as an internal voice on occasion, but that's more the exception than the rule. Usually, it's just a sort of knowing something, or a sudden sense of something.

    I believe God speaks to all of us. It may be that he's speaking and your friend just doesn't recognize it as something outside of her own thoughts.

    Have you ever been praying about a question and the answer just sort of pops into your head? Yeah, that could just be your unconscious dredging something up, but I believe it's God. Maybe even just God pulling it out of your unconscious for you.

    Have you ever been reading something and have a sudden moment of enlightenment, the little light bulb going off in your head? I think that also comes from God. And it doesn't have to be just reading the Bible. God can use whatever we happen to be reading at the time. I've even had him speak to me reading a Stephen King novel. [​IMG]

    Remember Elijah's still small voice. It's not always the obvious stuff. It may just be a matter of recognizing it than looking for it.
  7. So the girl I know that believes this is all in my head, she still believes in God but she doesn't think that anyone can hear/feel God's presnece. What does that mean for her?
  8. If she truly has placed her faith in Jesus, it means that she may be missing some of the things He is trying to tell her because she is limiting the avenues through which she will recognize His voice. She'll probably get to Heaven and, while reviewing her life with God, will look with surprise at certain moments in her life and look at Him and say, "That was You!?" And then they'll laugh together.
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  9. I'm guessing it means she'll probably continue to not hear him. Hearing is passive, listening is active.

    She believes in God, so I take it she believes in prayer. She can ask God to help her recognize when he's speaking to her.
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  10. thanks guys [​IMG] Do I ever love the help I'm recieving on this site!
  11. I do hear God and a BIG hello to you sis. Srry I didn't reply sooner. I hear god in my heart and is audible to me. Not with my ears but through my mind and my heart. I actually hear Him speaking to me. How can i's kind like's just all through you from head to toe.
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  12. Thanks Chili! Thats great. I hope to hear from God soon :)
  13. Oh you bet God talks to's kinda like a feeling that cannot be put in words..but one thing I can tell you is that you know it's from get such a calm and happiness feeling that doesn't exist on earth..hope you hear from Him soon sis:)
  14. If God doesn't put a thought into my mind, I read the Bible and that way hear from Him. I believe that the Word of God is God himself. John 1:1

    Welcome to cfs. :D
  15. God talks to everyone , but not the same way he to the other person, or the next person and ect. Sometimes he talks through other people, through scrptures and ect. You can hear God, you just have to know his voice.
  16. Hi Faith C,

    The type of experience that people are generally hoping for when it comes to hearing from God, is verbal and audible. But this is no different than God being "seen" or "unseen." Our ability to see (or hear) is not a matter of us having some greater ability than the next person, but rather of it being revealed to us--or not, by God's choosing. Just how these things are revealed, then becomes another matter of difference as well. Just as you might tell one child about the truth of Santa Claus in one way and another child in a different way, so does God choose which way to speak to us, or even to withhold the information as He sees fit.

    I suppose I am one of the rare ones who has heard from God in no uncertain terms; and I can tell you that God has not overlooked any words. But the context of His revelations should, for the most part, be considered most appropriately "unspoken"...just as He is appropriately "unseen."

    Hope this helps.
  17. [​IMG]

    Hi Faith!
    I honestly think that because God does want to have a very personal relationship with us that He uses many different ways to "talk to" His children. It might be by actually hearing Him speak, or having other Brothers and Sisters share a message for you from Him. He can also use dreams, a physical presence, His Creation, etc to speak to us.

    As for your unbelieving friend, there's no way to prove it to him or her without them experiencing it for themselves. When I was baptized in the Spirit, God's power and presence was inside of me--- it was overwhelming and I don't think I could ever describe the experience to anyone. But I have faith in it and without so much as going into detail I know other Sisters and Brothers in Christ know exactly what I mean.

    Keep praying for your friend--- I'm sure the Lord wants him/her to wake up and see and feel and know He is present. :)
  18. thanks Anglic Rose. I think I've experienced God speaking then today at church. The Topic that was being preached really spoke to me and maybe thats another way God speaks.. indirectly.
  19. Exactly! I'm trying to stick to reading "Our Daily Bread" and the Bible passage that goes along with it every day with my fiance (so far we're doing well for 4 days in a row). It's amazing how I can be some what distracted with a worry before we begin and that devotional just speaks to my heart perfectly. That right there is God talking to me--- "focus my child, let me share with you some wisdom" :)

    How blessed are we that our amazing Creator would love us so much that He wants to teach us, not just get us through our lives!
  20. Thats awesome! Ya know, I was just thinking too... just about every time I've been asked to sing a solo at church it has unintentionaly matched either the sermin or something someone is requesting prayer about. So that must be God too. Wow! My eyes have been opend!
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