Can You Findout Someones Info By Googleing Their Picture?

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  1. May the Lord give you wisdom in your ways....
  2. He's coming on the 20th! Prayers for wisdom and guidance...I've already asked the Lord to push this guy out of my life if he's not right for me. Next thing you know, he send me his itinerary after purchasing his ticket today. From what I can see and have read, he's an amazing and commendable man and solder. I'm very excited to meet him. Thank you Diry~
  3. Hey guys, I need your help a little. I'm not getting a good feeling anymore about this guy. I don't know, just a bad feeling in my stomach. That feeling you get before you break up with someone where you know something is wrong. I can't tell if It's women intuition and God telling me something or if I'm just being paranoid and self sabotaging, which I have been guilty of doing.

    How do I know if it's God or me? Something is just not feeling right.
  4. Have you actually met him face to face yet?
  5. Well, has he said some things or asked questions that make you feel uncomfortable? Are you normally nervous about meeting new people?
  6. My personal opinion is that it is by your doing....but I was wrong once before. ;)

    Whatever you do -you should have an chaperone of some sorts..... (don't be alone with him). In my opinion.
  7. @Calv, I can be, but I think it's because I'm used to hearing from him all the time and getting a good night everyday.

    One day he just fell off the face of the earth after we had been texting throughout the morning. I never heard back from him until the next day and he never mentioned anything about not contacting me when he said he would so when I asked if everything was OK because I didn't hear back from him, he simply wrote "Yeah."Not "yeah sorry didn't call you, got caught up." etc.

    I haven't looked at his online dating profile in weeks and got curious. Unbeknownst to me he logged in just yesterday even though he's out of town and told me that for now he's putting all his "eggs in one basket" with me, which he apparently never does.

    Of course, this could all be a coincidence. He could have logged in because, I don't know. He could have simply got caught up the day he didn't reach out to me and was irritated by me asking.

    Here another... he is going to be staying with me and not in a hotel. I didn't want to get reprimanded here so hear me out...he sent me his itinerary (I can see his address, CC number, etc) and he's paying over $700 just for a night. I see no point in him spending another $200 for a hotel AND a rental car so even though he told me he could get a hotel, I said it's fine he stay with me since I have roommates who will be here all that weekend.

    I don't know how this works and I don't want to put the blame on him. As a "spiritual leader" is he supposed to put his foot down and say "no, I'm getting a hotel?" He said he doesn't care where I sleep so long as I'm comfortable.

    Sometimes he seems "too good to be true" because he's very respectful, even telling me he doesn't want to flirt with me, so this is where my self sabotaging comes in now that he'll be here in less than a week. Maybe all this info will bring more clarity to the situation.
  8. Hi Tink, (hugs:love:} now you have been thoroughly reprimanded.
    This whole 'online dating thing is totally new to I really that old?:eek: It seems to me that no matter how adept at texting you two are, you are not going to really size each other up until you meet. Body language is so much a part of human communication, and smilies don't/can't replace that fully.
    My 2 cents says that as long as you will be perfectly safe in meeting with him and housing him you should give each other the opportunity to evaluate the other in a real life encounter. who knows, after a face to face, he might feel that you are not up to spec and be wishing he had gone to another state.:) NBLIB.
    My advice...just don't build up your expectations too high, and take things nice and slow.
    The only troubling thing is what is meant here? If it were me and you offered to put me up for the weekend, I would naturally assume that you would be sleeping in your own bed and I would either have a guest room or the sofa...maybe a sleeping bag in the bath tub:) To say he doesn't care where you sleep sounds to me like either he thinks you are going to give up your bed for him or he is keeping his options optimistically open. Did you say that underlined bit properly?
    I would/might say "I don't care where I sleep as long as I'm comfortable" or if I was being optimistic, I might say "I don't care where I sleep as long as you're comfortable with that". So that seems to be a bit unclear.
  9. Oops, I meant he doesn't care where HE sleeps. woopsi!
  10. Tink.....I love you sis...BUT......

    If I were your caring older brother sitting across the table from you-I would reach over and smack ya!

    Still love ya though......
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  11. Knew it!

    Which part are you referring to though?
  12. ALL of it.....

    We are talking about the Army guy right?
  13. Calv, what is NBLIB?
  14. Well once you meet up w/ him ..that is if youre still going to... when you sit down and talk to him you'll know whether you want to be bothered w/ Him or not. he'll either be the person he claimed to be or put his foot in his mouth. Does he know how you look like? if not you can find out he looks like, when you all meet up you can ask him what to look for.. like he might say he'll be holding a rose ,have a crew cut ,glasses and wearing a sleeveless blue shirt.... and if he looks all disoreinted and crazy to you..... you still have the option to run XD (b/c you saw him first and not vice versa )....

    Or you can take a friend w/ you ... so if it gets too weird you'll have back up :) I hope this helps
  15. Im sorry tink but i second this lol, you shouldn't be staying w/ someone you haven't know for a long period of time.
  16. Lol sleeping bag in the tub ...XD really lolzs
  17. I posted this on the other thread, but I figured I would let you know that my "friend" was dropped off at the airport a few hours ago. Everyone said it was a bad idea that he stay with me. That we would not be able to resist temptation. That he was potentially dangerous. Everyone was wrong. We did resist and he was a gentleman. I am so happy that I met him and he will be coming again in the future.

    Thank you so much for your prayers, if you prayed and if not, I TOLD YOU SO! Or at least my friends here....:rolleyes:
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  18. Im happy he turned out to be a sweetheart b/c if he was anything other I might of had to clothesline em ^^

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