Can You Findout Someones Info By Googleing Their Picture?

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  1. This is serious. I just joined Christian Mingle and there is a guy on there who has been blowing me up (AKA sending me lots of "Smiles", emails, etc.) He states he lives in Southern California, is an archeologist, and is actually working on a project to confirm the bible. Apparently he's leading a large research project with a local university. He says that due to issues in the Middle East, he cannot provide his picture on the site. However, he will willing to send me it via email. He's not a spammer, I can assure you. We've sent several emails back and forth.

    Here is the kicker: He knows my first name and I have not clue how. I asked him and he said he found it on the internet. My username for the site is not one I have ever used before. I contacted the customer service center, they went through all of my mail and profile and said there is no leading information that would allow for someone to find my name.

    I asked the Indiana Jones guy again and he said he searched my picture. What? Is this even possible?

    I work from home so I am seriously freaking out here. I would say that I possibly know the guy, but my instincts tell me I don't. His profile was that way the moment he messaged me, which was right after I joined. Please tell me how he could have found me on the web.
  2. The email address can give out lots of information. If you are facebook with that email address, you can go search on facebook with that email address and it will bring up your profile. Likewise on other such social websites. I usually do that to do background checks on suspicious registrations to this forum. For privacy and security reasons, its best to have a different email address for social websites and for personal communication. I have never shared my very personal email with anyone other than my very close friends and family.
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  3. Google yourself and see what comes up! Nothing is sacred on the internet; it was developed for use by DARPA- a US military contractor (the current OSI model).

    People like to believe the internet is for our amusement when in fact the concept was spawned about the same time geosynchronous satellites came on the scene giving birth to GPS (Global Positioning System) to track troop movements & logistics.

    Therefore; DATA on the internet is collected vigorously from all sources. Think about it-people voluntarily submit all their information online to: banks, hospitals, grocery stores, credit cards, forums, friends, dating sites, etc....

    Anyway-Google, facebook, twitter, anything in the "cloud" as they call it, is accessed and stored in multiple locations. So when you 'post' anything, someone with the right knowledge can search and pretty much find anything out about you with the right piece of intel.

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  4. We've sent emails only on christian mingle. I would never give out my personal email or i would create a fake one...
  5. I've already gone through multiple sites and requested that my personal information be taken off. I've done as much as I can but I have a unique name that no one else in the United States has, so I'm pretty much screwed in that respect. Excuse my language, but it's really frustrating that there's nothing I can do. I would pretty much have to remove myself from the entire internet and I can't because I work in sales. So Dirty tell me what can I do if I can't do anything...or what's the best I can do? thank you for all the info by the way :)
  6. Honestly, there isn't much you can do-once the info is online-it is pretty much there forever-no matter how much deleting you do.

    Most sites-even after deleting, retain page information on average 6-12 months if not indefinitely. And here's the kicker; most sites nowadays have started consolidating 'common' information individuals and storing using services provided by places like Google.

    My best advice-use a pseudonym for work and a separate one for any recreational sites online. If our government can do it-so can you!
  7. Side note: Anytime you create a document on your PC or send attachments, unless you deliberately change the origin information (author, etc...) and lock the document-you are sending that info to the receiving party. That is where I am guessing he would have gotten your info from.

    Also-Google your email address(es)....
  8. I don't think I can add much to what Jeff has said.
    So, I will look at the credibility of what this guy is saying. And I'm guided by what you are saying here. Working on a project to confirm the Bible is he? Luck with that:) . Which part of the Bible does he claim to be confirming? The Bible spans so much history, and so many places, that even if someone found the soot covered stones where Abel might have sacrificed the first fruits of his labours, That would not prove that Nimrod was conceited enough to fire an arrow at the sky thinking he could reach heaven.
    Even if an arrow was found that might have belonged to that era, with Nimrod's name on it it would not prove that it belonged to Nimrod anyway. Nor would it prove that it was then that the Lord confused the language spoken by people. And so the implausibility of such a claim goes on and on and on.

    Tink I wasn't born yesterday, but 'kicker' is a new term for me. What is it?
    This person, doesn't want to be identified ......obviously. Does his e-mail address belong to Caltech or some other university there in your area? Does his E-mail address indicate that he is affiliated with a university by looking something like or similar? No? Well that's odd isn't it? And don't let him tell you that he is not allowed to use the uni web site or mail server........I know better and so should you. Here is a link to nobody I know, but it will validate my point. This guy is giving his email address on the linked site and it is for Newcastle University.
    As for sending you his picture.......Hey Tink, what kind of guy do you go for? I'll get a photo and send it to you as being a photo of me. Just kidding of course, I wouldn't insult you.....besides my wife would kill me:D
    Well take care girl cause it sounds highly sus....Might not be a bad idea to take refuge behind an economically priced proxy server up in New York State or somewhere else right away from California.
  9. Before you commit to anything over the internet, be very cautious. It does not matter what website it is, whether Facebook or ChristianForumSite or another that looks very genuine, be very careful. Better safe than sorry.

    Here's what I would do have done if I were in your position. I would do a background check on his profile. I would make sure, his profile on ChristianMingle has been officially verified by their staff if they have such a thing there. Then I would look up for him on Facebook. If I find his profile on Facebook, I would check his friends list, posts, photos whether they look genuine. Does he have too many of those friends to make him look like he is really popular? When did he create his profile? Is he active and does he have friends replying to his posts? Facebook is an awesome site to do some background checks since they manage to get people to reveal a lot. I'll admit that I do this for all new suspicious accounts here on CFS. Still fake people manage to get here after all that back ground check. There are more trade secrets that I can't reveal. :p

    If you cannot find any information about him and he is giving you an excuse for that, be extra cautious. He may be genuine but definitely not worth the risk you are taking.
  10. Check out the privacy policy on christian mingle. I am not able to send any attachments through their site. I can only upload them, but it is secure.
  11. Yup....on the message boards a few people wrote me about this. One thing I do like about the site is the fellowship! Though many of them aren't devout Christians from their "on special occasions" church attendance. Don't mean to judge.
  12. I did...contacted Christian Mingle directly and they said he is not going against their policy. I can't look him up on Facebook because I simply blocked him and didn't give him any of my information and I didn't take any of his. Unfortunately, it doesn't show when someone creates their profile and when I asked him questions he got defensive so I simply stopped all communication with him.

    Thank you :)(y)
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  13. Hey everyone so I don't want to get my hopes up, but I think I met someone...interestingly enough of all the guys in my area I connected with this one guy in Michigan. He's a year younger than me and is a sergeant in the army. He truly does love the Lord, I can feel it in my heart. I like him but he lives so far. Anyhow, I think I figured out who the crazy "Brad" guy was. We dated/were friends for a few months and then he decided he wanted to spend a lifetime with me. He became obsessive in nature and still to this day, calls and texts me (though I don't reply). I read in "The Gift of Fear" to just ignore potential perpetrators. Anyhow, thank you again everyone!
  14. As an ex-Army guy, and as I guy who's wife ran off with an Army guy from the internet- just be careful Tink. Sometimes the shiny wrapper can be covering a box of serpents...

    Keep Christ first and you 'll be okay.

    (Oh and my ex just remarried for the third time last another Army guy...)
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  15. She must like uniforms. My ex just likes lies...telling them that is.
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  16. Usually I don't give men who are in the military time or day, but there's something about him... And I usually have pretty good intuition with the guys I date, but now you got me thinking. This guy actually told me through our email exchanges that it takes an extremely strong woman to be with a guy who's in the army, and that the divorce rate is really high. I wonder why that is? I just assumed it had to do with deployment.
    Army wives get lonely after a year alone and when they have to deal with psychological trauma-they are usually not sufficiently equipped. Being in the military-deployed or not-will mess up your head. The military IS one big psychological operation.

    Also-a lot of guys get married just to double their paycheck-a married soldier literally gets at least twice as much income than a single soldier....I knew quite a few people with 'open' marriages and that was nearly 20 years ago. I doubt it is any better nowadays. There was an article in the mainstream about Marines doing this not to long ago:

    (not this one-still looking)

    The chart on this page is VERY misleading: most single soldiers are 'base bound'-they live on the camp/fort/base they are assigned too and DO NOT collect meal and housing pay-UNLESS they live off base. Which most do not (unless they are married).
  18. I've heard about such things. He actually owns two homes. Hes divorced with a 9 yr old son that doesn't live at home. So let me ask you then, how do you know if God is caling you to that special person?
  19. Have you ever been married Tink? I ask because if you start a relationship on unequal terms-the past will most likely come back to bite you. You need to find someone on equal terms as far as relationship backgrounds. The difficulty is being open and honest-WITHOUT confessing all your sins to the other person, but having an understanding of where you both have been. If you start a relationship on unequal-mutually accepted terms, then there will always be difficulty. There is no Hollywood storybook relationship-why do you think celebrities are always getting divorced?

    Everyone brings baggage when they don't follow God's plan. I tell my daughter I want the best for her and she should follow God's plan. I tell her that her body belongs to God first and that mommy & daddy have say so until she is married. Then her body belongs to her husband and his body to her. When you share your body with someone else you are giving away what God made sacred. The only Godly way to give yourself away is to give your body over to the submission to your spouse while you are virgin-else all bets are off. One spouse-until death do you part.

    But we sure have made a mess of things in these generations. There is no 'right' answer when we fall away from God's plan.

    On the spiritual side-be secure in your salvation first-be secure in your constant faith-have a Church support family-then allow God to present you a spouse. Is your internet friend your work or God's? Well I suggest you meditate on that for a long time before you commit. And it would be wise to have a LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG courtship with any person.

    In my opinion a single young lady with no kids-you should be looking for the same in a man. GROW TOGETHER.

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