Can you be a christian and not belong to any church

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  1. The title of this thread is preaty much my question. I am finding it hard to find a church that sees the bible same as I do, and others do things I sort of don't feel like doing.

  2. Peki - Finding a church that you are comfortable with can sometimes be a challenge. Until you do find something that fits in with your own beliefs, please consider gathering with a few of your friends to simply praise God and pray together. [ Matthew 18:20 - 20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.]

    You may even wish to ask God in prayer, to give you guidance in your search.

    The link below may assist you in locating a church in your region that you may like... best wishes in your search.
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  3. Personal time with God is also very important I feel.
    The Kingdom of God is inside you...He lives in you.
    As Pastor Gary has said find a church which you feel comfortable in and is right for you.
    Treat church as your second a minister I would advise this. You want to be comfortable in your own home right? That is how you should feel at church...right at home. :)
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  4. Ask God to lead you to fellowship in a church that teaches the word of God.
    Which ones have you tried already? It may take some time. When we are christians we belong to Jesus church already. If you are his sheep he will lead you to green pastures. Its finding the other sheep that can be hard cos so many churches these days are full of goats and wolves in sheep's clothing. You need one to grow in. A small group or bible study is best to start with..see if any of the local churches in your area offer those. Also keep reading your Bible everyday.
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  5. If the local church requires a statement of acceptance of their theology simply do not become a member but that does not mean they are not your brothers and sisters in Christ. I chose long ago not to become a member of any particular denomination but fellowship and corporately worship with all kinds of brothers and sisters in all kinds of denominational settings.

    I would attend a Calvinist, a Reformed, a Nazarene, Messianic Jewish, Pentecostal or any other (and have) where Christ is the center and the word is believed. You are the church if your faith is genuine (not just intellectual) and so is their's....even family has disputes and differences of opinion about less than essential things but that does not mean we are not still family.

    I have met serious Spirit filled Roman Catholics who love the Lord and His word as well as Baptists, and so on....and I have just as frequently and in all such gatherings met those who are centered in their institution or their theology and have even met make-believers (like the unwise virgins) who are IN the churches but are not OF the ekklesia of God (the true body of believers)....

    So I say pick a church and go....go to worship the Lord...and on occasion (when you feel so moved) go to another (to worship the Lord)...shalom in the name of Jesus
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  6. A lot of good and Godly advice. My situation is that we move about every 1 to 3 months so there is always the question of where to go to worship with other believers. I think looking on the internet at churches in whatever area you are in is a good place to start. Most have web sites now days and detail what they believe and what they offer in ministry opportunities or small groups etc... Just some wonderful groups out there and generally very welcoming even if they know you are only attending for a limited time. God has some good people out there!
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  7. I am of the opinion that it is perfectly acceptable to not "belong" to any church. In fact, I am against the modern manifestation of the church as is seen in most churches.
    I do however find it important to have challenging fellowship with others (I am an advocate of small, intimate groups), even if they have dissimilar beliefs, and to always be advancing your own understanding and theology.
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  8. A Christian IS the Church: represent Christ as the Word dictates without compromise. To be a fellowship of 1 is no fellowship. God is not a respecter of persons. Read your Bible and you will find the answer to your question with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
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  9. Greetings:
    One needs to get into a church for the respite,to think clearly.It's a house of God,while the prince of this
    world can walk through your door anytime he wants,there is nothing to stop him.
  10. I don't attend any building. I haven't for many years. Most of my off-time is spent studying the word of God.
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  11. The important thing is to meet with other believers, this does not have to be a church until you find one you are comfortable in.
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  12. Agreed. (y)
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  13. That is definitely my experience. After "leaving the church" in my early 20's, I sought out fellowship again after coming to a clearer understanding of 1 Cor 12.

    What I love about what you said here is "challenging fellowship." I get why it's nice to hang out with people who are easy to be around and think the same way we do, but I've experienced the most lasting, meaningful growth when I've had to love and accept Christians much different from myself, and consider ideas that confront my own.
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  14. Technical answer is Yes.. But clearly Bible does not teach a Christian to stay away from fellowship. In fact, Bible clearly highlights the importance of fellowship. It is pretty clear Church fellowship is needed for every believer. It has got nothing to do with salvation though
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  15. This is very much like my own experiences; I was raised in a very cliquey, ultraconservative Christian realm, never exposed to divergent views and ideas. When I was inevitably confronted by other beliefs it was a rude awakening and quite a difficult learning experience. However, at the end of the day learning to love and relate to all allowed me to consider and integrate different views into my understanding and I've become an far better person from it, with a more enlightened understanding.
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  16. You DO NOT have to be a church member to be a Christian. However, I would advice you to find a Bible believing church so that you could be around other believrs for corporate worship services because that is what the Sceiptures tell us to do.

    Hebrews 10:25..........
    "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another and so much the more as ye see the day approaching".
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  17. BUT.........if you have the knowledge, why do share that with a class of believers and teach them what you have learned??????

    Matthew 28:19
    "Go ye therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit".
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  18. I completely agree with Major

    @Abdicate - You have received too much from Lord and you should give back to Church :D
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  19. I consider online forum communities such as this to be fellowship. There need not always be a building for there to be a Church. :)
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  20. Personal struggles of another person, marital relationship problems, encouragement for other believers in their spiritual growth, kids ministry - I believe these would be handled much better in a Church environment compared to online forums. This forum is a great place, no denying of that fact. You will often see people asking members to talk with their pastor for further guidance. Simply, we just don't know the other person personally.
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