Can We Have A General Christian Advice Forum?

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by 福井舞, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. hello

    I am just wondering if it is possible for us to have general Christian advice forum where we could ask our fellow Christians on advice on just about anything?

    I know we already have other specific forums to ask for specific question in certain areas, and that is great.

    but I just think it might good if we could have a general advice forums for questions that don't fall into those specific areas.

    I have tried post something in the general discussion area, but it felt really awkward, as that forum as I understand it, is really meant for discussion on positive things, not for asking advice

  2. Are you saying like a counseling forum? I think that would be a good idea for a forum like this.
  3. The trouble with a counseling board, is who would do the mentoring? To start with, the Board would need some sort of censoring control and that would mean extra work for someone.
  4. Well there are two boards here where you might have posted your discussion about the sociopathic behaviour of your pastor.
    1. "Marriage and Relationships"
    2. " Requests for Assistance"
    Marriage and relationships would cover the relationship between a parishioner and need not be restricted to 'sexual' relationships, though it mostly is.
    Help or Assistance is what you seek is it not?
    But all that aside, most forum boards here seem to have a fairly wide scope in what is posted, so cast your line in and see what fish you catch.
  5. Calvin, if help is what you need, I can help censor the forums. That is if this idea is a go. Maybe call it "General Advice." Or something like that. And we would need to have the same rules that apply on the other forums apply there.
  6. Nothing to do with me, I'm just a fellow pleb, or is it trog?
    There is another way that won't involve much management overhead though:::
    Anyone with an issue they would like to discuss on a 'deeper' level can select some people who they perceive to have some wisdom etc.
    Open up a PM dialogue and give permissions to as many or as few as they feel appropriate to their need. That then would become something of a private forum board. But beware, the moderators and admin can keep a sort of supervisory watch on PMs if they feel the need to provide protection, though I doubt that would happen at all often.
  8. well, not counselling, that generally require a professional or chaplain.

    I guess I just want an advice forum where you can ask advice on just about anything and not feeling restricted.
  9. thanks

    I might start a second part of my discussion on the topic in either forum in the future.
  10. I agree what Calvin is saying. If you need to start a pm about anything that's on your mind, go for it. We all are here to listen and offer the best advice we can for you.

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