can someone help with this question please

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  1. can someone help with this question please

    In class the teacher is making us read all of Job and a part of Genesis and sermon on the mount. and he wants us to answer this question,
    I haven't read Job yet but what should I answer for this one??

    "Why is God so hard on Job’s friends? Didn’t his friends do the pious thing by reminding Job that
    God cannot be judged by a human and that God never does evil?"

    God bless you all !!!!!!
  2. God is good and only good its people that do evil.Why shopuld any living man complain for the punishment of his sins E cclesiaties 3
  3. Human wisdom is foolishness before God.His ways are not our ways His thoughts are not our thoutghs.
    For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom
    of the wise, And the discernment of the discerning will I bring to nought.
    20 Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this
    world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?
    21 For seeing
    that in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom knew not God, it
    was God’s good pleasure through the foolishness of the preaching to save
    them that believe.
    22 Seeing that Jews ask for signs, and Greeks seek after
    23 but we preach Christ crucified, unto Jews a stumblingblock,
    and unto Gentiles foolishness;
    24 but unto them that are called, both Jews
    and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God.
    25 Because
    the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is
    stronger than men.
    26 For behold your calling, brethren, that not many wise
    after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:
    27 but God
    chose the foolish things of the world, that he might put to shame them that
    are wise; and God chose the weak things of the world, that he might put to
    shame the things that are strong;
    28 and the base things of the world, and
    the things that are despised, did God choose, yea and the things that are
    not, that he might bring to nought the things that are:
    29 that no flesh
    should glory before God.
    30 But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who was
    made unto us wisdom from God, and righteousness and sanctification, and
    31 that, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him
    glory in the Lord.
    5 And Jehovah saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and
    that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil
    4 Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, And done that which is evil in
    thy sight; That thou mayest be justified when thou speakest, And be clear
    when thou judgest.
    God is good He is love tghank God that mercy triumphs over judgment..Lord if you mark our transgressions who would stand.But by you grace alone.Glory to Your Holy name alone.
  4. They might have done the pious thing...but it was not the right thing..they were busy blaming him and trying to find out what sins job had that was responsible for all these woes and one of his friends goes even further and adds rebellion but they (because they did not know Gods plan) were limiting Job and themselves by tradition...the whole thing with God and Satan and Job was a challange and through Job God shows his power and sovergenty(sorry bad spelling) friends had presumed to know better this imho is why God was so hard on his friends.
  5. of what i understand from job is this,God said don,t hurt him,to satan.God said he is in your hands.we know job was not perfect,as all of us are not perfect.we cannot stand alone.we have no footing without Jesus.and God.Jesus said if you have me you have the father also.without Jesus all will fall.
  6. the thing is the teacher also thinks that God was playing with Job all along and that G-d is evil and making a fool out of Job and playing around with him until the end He says who are you to question me? etc.. the teacher really thinks G-d is evil.. I hope to change his mind one day, May God be with me.

    I need more help concerning this. I can't just give him verses, I need to explain to him with my own words.
    Techie there's truth in what you said. thanks

    thanks brothers also but please focus on the questions guys haha as believers we tend to go far and talk about many things xD I'm guilty of that. but the question has to do with his friends only.

  7. My honest opinion would be... You should read Job. You'll come up with an answer.
  8. God allows us to be tested. Satan sees Job, the apple of God's eye "The most righteous man on the face of the earth." Satan is proud and says surely Job obeys God in exchange for material blessings. God allows job to be tested, his faith more precisely. The devil had tested the Lord? Job? Satan attacks Job. Job was restored by God. He was afflicted severly and had lame comforters, who pretty much blame Job for sinning and saying he reaped what he had sown. Job brought glory to God by being faithful "Even though he slay me, yet I will trust him." What a slap in the devil's face! Here he thought Job would curse God to his face. I believe three long years went by. God completely restored him, even more than before. Important lessons we can learn

    1) God is SOVERIGN
    2) Trust and obey, leave all consequences to God-do the right thing
    3) Walk by faith not by sight
    4) Know that God rewards obedience
    5) Fear nothing but the Lord your God
    6) Not everything bad that happens to you is your fault or inflicted by God
    7) The enemy is real, he wants to kill you; the threat is very real
    8) Obeying and trusting the Lord brings Him glory and remember; your soul is safe in His Hand

    I probably repeated some of these but missed most of them.

    God's glory is AWESOME chapters 38-42

    God doesn't have to tell us anything, and He is ultimately right, "Man has ways that seem right to him, but in the end they lead to death."
  9. God cannot be evil as that would mean he had sin...God cannot have sin and be your teacher is using a logicla fallacy to present her opinion. It does seem like God an Satan are using Job as a chess player and have no regards to the lives of those in his family who died.But read Job...and look at the ending and you will find out it is more than that.
  10. Ramsey - from the Hebrew manuscript texts in which Job was originally written, there are several lessons offered in the book of Job. The one that you are asking about deals with Godly instruction verses earthly instruction. Are we to place the words of man above the Words of God?

    Let me quote from an analysis of the Book of Job as provided in a preface to Job, found in the King James Version Bible as published by Thomas Nelson Publishing Company...

    In other words, this is a comparison of the battle between Good and Evil. His friends offered criticism and suggestions that led Job farther and farther away from God and more toward Satan. When Job finally realized what was happening, he went back to God, repented and knew that his relationship with God was much more important than his relationship with his so called friends. If we are to attain salvation in God's arms, we must listen to and obey God... not a bunch of ratchett-jaw friends who mislead because they are not giving true or accurate information (false teachers). Read all of Job 42:1-17 (KJV) to see the kindness that God showed Job after Job realized what the lesson was that God had given him. It is a life lesson for all of us. Follow God's Word and God's lessons, not the words and traditions of man.

    Ramsey - may God bless you in your studies.
  11. Gary, thank you :)

    should his friends have said "this is the devil's work not God's, look to God an trust in Him" ?
    would that be a right answer ?
    because sometimes his friends said good and righteous things. I'm only so far on chapter 14 and I know the ending I've read it a few times.. but still I know the teacher he will comment on it in class and he knows that I'm a Christian and I wish to have an answer ready

    - so far I have that it's earthly wisdom not from God.
    - it's based on traditions (but what are the traditions? you guys tell me it's traditions but I need to point my self and him to the proof)
    - It is not G-d who is evil.. it's Satan who brought these bad things on Job, God only allowed it as a test, He did not bring these things on him. proof that Satan brings evil and that God blesses those who look up to Him and love Him. God is life and gives life to His followers. Satan brings death as seen from there.
    - when Job complains to his friends or to God, he does not know that it's satan who is doing these bad things, right? he didn't know that God allowed Satan to do these things. Therefore Job should not have blamed God for anything.

    I love what Job said to his wife, perfect answer
    Job 2:10-11 But he said to her, “You speak as one of the foolish women speaks. Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?
    The bold part is simply perfect. I will also mention that. shall we only praise God when good happens and hate him when bad happens? not good..
  12. Ramsey - the Book of Job was written in a form called Hebraism*, which took the original readers of the Book through a series of life-experiences, so the readers could identify with what was being told to them as compared to things in their own lives and from observations of things around them. The Israelites, in the time that Job was written, were not well educated, and most times, these Books were read to them by the elders because they could not read themselves. We must place ourselves mentally in that time period to understand the manner in which Scripture was passed from elder to villager or farmer. Hebraisms are not well translated into other languages, so a person actually has to try to think in Hebrew to fully understand what is being said and shown. The King James translators, however, did a fairly good job with Job (no pun intended :).)

    This Book of Job was meant to show the Israelites that God is THE Word and His Word is supreme. Any advice, information or suggestions that is given by earthly man may or may not be what God's Word is, so the earthlly message of man must always be weighed against God's Word to verify that it is true and correct. In the case of Job, he was given information and suggestions that did not necessarilly meet with God's approval. In Job 42:7 (KJV) God admonishes the friends for giving Job false information.

    Quoting, "7And it was so, that after the LORD had spoken these words unto Job, the LORD said to Eliphaz the Temanite, My wrath is kindled against thee, and against thy two friends: for ye have not spoken of me the thing that is right, as my servant Job hath."

    If we also look at the text from the New Living Translation, the English meaning may stand out a bit more:
    Quoting, "7 After the Lord had finished speaking to Job, he said to Eliphaz the Temanite: “I am angry with you and your two friends, for you have not spoken accurately about me, as my servant Job has."

    The friend's intentions may have been good, but some of what they had to say was not at all in line with God's Word and His wishes. The lesson, again, is to live a godly life and be not a sinner, but if you do fall into sin, repent and your transgressions will be forgiven. God is the ultimate judge - not friends here on earth.

    God bless...

    *Ref: Hebraism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  13. thanks Gary that was beautiful :) Amen
  14. Your teacher has not read Job either. That, or he is unable to hear the Word of God. To imply that God was "playing" with Job, like some mean kid with a magnifying glass on an anthill is heracy. And I do not use that term lightly.

    I am praying for you and for your teacher.

    Great answer Pastor Gary. Iron sharpens Iron.
  15. Their pioty was counter productive to god's plan.
    They were doing harm in their pioty and their answers and advice was more of doubt and distrust than faith. At one point they told job to confess to what he had not done, at another point they told him to curse God so he would die. Neither was what God wanted from job in the experience he was having.

  16. Ramsey..Read Job and ask Father. I would very much like to hear what he shows YOU

    You can hear from God just as good as anyone else. You have just as much right to hear from Him as Paul did. Or any of the other bible celebrities :):)
  17. I know brother but I am out of time, it's due tomorrow but I have found what I need and I thank you all. theophilus you're right tthank you. I did not read it all I got to chapter 24 and I stopped I'll continue it when I finish the books of Moses and all the way until Job because I only read Job quickly now for this class. I will be reading the end of Job also to answer some questions, all is fine thanks a lot brothers and sisters :)
  18. I pretty much agree with Techie.

    The foundation of the attitudes of Jobs friends came from the basic belief that if someone suffers great misfortune then it must be because that person has offended God is some serious way and that they must come out with it and confess their secret sin/s. We see this same thought process in the deciple of Jesus:

    John 9
    1 Now as Jesus passed by, He saw a man who was blind from birth. 2 And His disciples asked Him, saying, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”
    3 Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him.

    But of cource bad things happen to all men it's the natural outcome of living in an imperfect world. God used Job to show up satan as a false accuser, Job did not understand why misfortune had come upon him and was calling out to God for a reason. God came to Job and basicaly said I am God and i allow things to happen for a reason, your understanding is limited you cannot see the overall situation I can so trust in me no matter what happens in your life.

    As for your teacher, He own bias is revealed by the way He has worded his question to you.

    What your teacher is trying to do is use Gods correction of Jobs friends to support a belief that God does evil. And that mankind is fit to judge God as evil. By Wording the question like this your teacher is trying to force a response from his students to his/her liking.

    All Praise The Ancient Of Days
  19. very nice find Adstar :) God bless you !

    John 9 verse and Job. hehe I will be mentioning that :)

    I know what you mean adstar he wants people to say G-d is evil. but guess what I just ask a friend of mine how she did that number and she said this :

    "3) God is hard on Job’s friends because they are dishonest to God and all the things they said about God are insincere. Also, his friends are not there to support Job and console him but they are trying to put him down and make him feel worse than his awful condition."

    I fixed it for her and told her that Job's friends did indeed come to comfort him, they even stayed with him 7 days and nights (Job 2) :) how sweet :) but they did not give the best advice that God wanted and blamed things on Job. it's only normal but we should recognize that Satan is to blame and not God or a sin a man commited.and my friend is still a new person, I can't say Christian but a real babe in Christ.. good thing she didn't take the teacher's biased question as truth :)maybe teacher is trying to trick us.. I have a feeling he was once a christian or his parents.. he told me reading the KJV brings him memories.. nostalgia.. and he seeks to disprove God many times in class but I don't let him. I have a feeling he's angry about something.. he believes in evolution and so forth.. poor guy i really have compassion on him.. I hope God will lead him to a righteous path soon... he has some serious repentance to do..
  20. Please allow me to correct an error in my previous post
    It was Job's wife who told him to curse God so that he might die, not his freinds.

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