Can Prayers Change Hair Color?

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  1. A bit... God is not a fairy godfather, I know. He's not a divination machine either. But I pray about getting something because I need those things, and I also want to know answers too...
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  2. Hair colour is not a need. Hair is, however! (Well, for most!)

  3. Bible says anyone who doubts shouldn't expect anything. Try working on trusting God more.
  4. Well don't doubt then. Pray for blonde hair, ginger hair, black hair, smaller nose, bigger nose, just pray to make yourself how you really want to appear to the world and God will make it happen for you.
  5. God is more interested in how we represent Him to the world.
  6. How about that you grow your tail back from your great, great grandpa....:eek:
  7. Evolution joke? :D
  8. It's not too far away is it, quite visible on a human embryo. Or let me guess, you have another explanation? I'd love to hear it.

    Let's take the mickey out of evolution though, we wouldn't want a firmly proven worldwide accepted (and tought) theory to get in the way of a good book would we.

    I was more shocked that grown adults were discussing praying to God to change the colour of their hair.
  9. Well not exactly.. "When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures."
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    No honest person accepts that nonsense, made up by another lying evolutionist...:rolleyes: But I hope your tail will allow you to climb trees better..:)

    Yea, and Pollys question is a little off track, but its no more shocking than the fact that you spend hours everyday on a forum about a God that "you don't think is real":eek:
  11. Polly ...why not just dye it yourself ?
  12. I want my hair to be naturally platinum blonde as I had when I was a child :p I do dye it though...
  13. Lol worry will definitely turn it white, almost everyone who comes around me is like, you've got white hairs! Youve been stressin?

    and I just want to walk away lol
  14. What color do you dye it? I always thought of going for a chestnut-reddishcolor for myself :)
  15. platinum blonde and I also put a green streak on the right side and the green streak is dye too, but it's semipermanent dye that after 2 weeks it turns blue and then it turns black to green but it will be pastel green. First I dye it emerald green, then it turns blue after 2 weeks, and then it turns into pastel green... -.-" Do you believe there are permanent green hair dye?
  16. That sounds cool, and I have no idea about the permanent green color...maybe :)
  17. ok. :3 And my hairstyle is a layered chin-length bob haircut with a diagonally cut fringe. :p
  18. Aw polly you sound really cute =]
    Im picturing a scene I right ? :p
  19. lol, not scene, but an otaku. :D With my looks, I look like an anime character. :D
  20. thinking about getting some layers done.. Should I pray or pay? decisions decisions..

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