Can i sleep with my ex husband?

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  1. Can i sleep with my ex husband?

    This one is weird. I was married for 5 years. We got divorced this year in febuary, the whole thing was a bit pressured and i am not sure i was ready. Well he lives in usa and i in uk. I am going there for christmas this year with our son. Obviously we have had sex before in our marriage, but as we are booth single and were lookng at finding back to each other does the sex have to wait? We have done it before. He says marriage is just a piece of paper that our hearts are what matter, i was not saved when we got togehter. But i am now, just confused on this topic, would be nice to get some help.

    Thank you.:blush02:

  2. Well, I'll admit I had to think a little on this one. I do believe however that it would still be considered sex outside of marriage. Yes, you were married, but now are not. Legally, it is just a piece of paper, but I don't think so in God's eyes. That's a very tough situation though, I could be wrong, but that's my opinion, and I hope I did not offend you! I either beat around the bush with issues or I'm jsut really blunt, I feel like I was really blunt this time.

  3. IMO, I would say that if a divorse means that you are permitted to get remarried to someone else, then divorse also means no more sex because while he WAS once your husband, he is no longer. Simply put, I don't think you can have it both ways. Either you are divorced and therefore allowed to date and remarry, or you aren't. If you are "married in your hearts" then you should follow through with a proper legal marriage before sex.
  4. Abstinence.
  5. Im extremely dumb what does that mean?
  6. Abstinence means no-sex.
  7. According to scripture even when we are divorced we still belong to our ex. In fact, getting remarried to anyone but your ex is considered adultery. So sleeping with your ex is acceptable according to God because even though you are divorced you still belong to eachother.:questionmark:
  8. God is very black and white on this matter. Sex outside of marriage is a sin. yes you were married but you are not at the moment. by the sounds of it, it would be better to follow after the emotional side of the relationship anyway and forget a bout the physical side until/ if you remarry. who knows you might not remarry then would you still consider it right if you had had sex and not remarried. "anyone containing even a hint of sexual immorality...will not enter Gods kingdom..." (ephesions 5) edit:(though i take it that it means without Jesus ie God see's Jesus and not us)
  9. Dont sleep with him because you are not his and he is not yours.

    divorce = no longer together. God made marriage so both people can have sex and not sin. its a bond. You have to remarry to get that bond back and not sin. Simple as that.
  10. Love-
    I have to say out of all the responses I agree with you the most becuse from what I have read in the Bible that is true....:evo:
  11. thats weird. Even if our spouses were abusive, nasty people, and if we want to get remarried, we can only remarry that abusive, nasty horrible person God knows isn't good for us? thats strange.

    I know a divorced couple right now, and the ex husband is just evil. Hes a bad influence, and also uses the children as weapons against the wife. Many married couples use their children as weapons against each other, using the competition of love as tools to gain what selfish goals they have.

    Now, according to the Bible, the woman should belong to the man? even when its infact bad for their health, children, social standing, merit, and self-esteem?

    No, we do not belong to anyone but God. People are not pieces of property to belong to others. We belong to ourselves and God, thats it. We SHARE ourselves with others, but we dont sell ourselves to others to keep.
  12. Sure you can ,if he is willing. But the question is do you realy want to?
    I would think that you would want to settle what ever issue caused the split and divorce before you get back to that part of your relationship. Make sure you can regain and sustain a relationship out of bed first. That is were most of the time in a relationship is spent and usualy were it fails first and worst.
    A phyisical relationship without the rest is settling for the pleasures of the flesh. You should expect more for yourself and God expects more of all of us than that.

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