Can I Sing Or Not? Honest Opinion. God Bless You.

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  1. Sorry guys to bother but i need some opinions. I am a christian musician and recently my church no longer has a singer. This is new for me and want to get some opinions. Someone needs to step up to the plate. In my case thats me. I want to do things right but also not sound ridiculous.

    I mostly play spanish worship but also added a English song. I recorded them on my iPhone.
    Please give me your 10000% Honest Answer. I will not be be offended.

    So i will wait for your comments here.

    God Bless You Very Much.
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  2. You do not sound ridiculous. You're very good for just beginning. You need some range training for when the songs calls for a high note and you can't quite get there, lower the note. Sing in front of a candle to learn breath control which helps you control your diaphragm which helps you control the notes. You sing like you want to be a high tenor, but I'm guessing you're more comfortable as a mid-tenor. Start out with a lower note and see if that's easier to maintain. Sing from your gut and not your nose, you'll get a much richer tone. With a bit of training I think you'll do just fine. I'm sure YouTube can give you that.

    I'm a great critic because I can't carry a note in a bucket :D Keep singing. As with anything practice makes perfect. But above all, sing joyfully to the Lord with praise and thanksgiving to Him and you'll do just fine!

    I hope this helps.
  3. Yeah the higher notes seemed to be a little bit of a struggle for you, but other then that not bad.
  4. I had a voice teacher tell me that some people are born with amazing voices and some just ok and can carry a note. Then there are those like Abdicate apparently, that should stick to dancing.. Anyway, she said the people with so-so voices can become AMAZING singers, if they work at it.

    You are much better than so so! Practice singing show tunes very loud and flamboyantly; this helped me with my range ;)

    Of course you may want to wait until no one is
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  5. Ya know that sound of fingernails on a chalkboard? Know the sound of screaming cats? Put the two together and that's me singing :p I don't even sing in the shower! The water would go back up the spigot. :D
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  6. You are not bad at all. There are those that can hold a note and those that cannot, you definitely can. Sounds like you're holding back when you sing in English almost like you're not as comfortable but you sounded much more confident when singing in Spanish. Check out my video...this is when I was first learning guitar...

    I can always respect a fellow singer and guitar player!
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  7. LOL! I am very thankful for the response and positive feedback. Now i feel there is alot more to be done to become better. Thanks for the tips and so forth. I did search on youtube and found very useful information about singing. Guess its time to practice. As a musician i have always learned to play the song from the chord it was originally made for. Maybe i need to now adjust the Notes to my voice.

    I hope everyone is being honest and not just trying to make me feel better :)
  8. BRIAN--- get in touch with Renew! You should totally be on the worship team!! They have different singers every month and for every song-- it's like a jam fest. There's usually at least 15 people in stage. But one person will have the lead on each song.
  9. Ps sorry im stalky about the renew thing @ Brian lol
  10. You have a beautiful voice. Made me smile.
  11. Thanks! Not bad at all for your first guitar video! Do you have anything more recent?

    And yes you are right on the English version. My native language is Spanish and i do lose confidence when i try to sing in english. Gotta let go.
  12. I'll definitely have to check it out then. :)
  13. I'll look to see. If not I'll post something new. I haven't picked up my guitar in about 9 months and never really got good at it. I'm still a beginner. You gave me a reason to pick it back up though! Maybe I'll have something recorded in a little bit. I'll have to cut my finger nails super short again and tune my we go...
  14. Beloved, don't worry about how well you can, or cannot sing.
    Most of us are tone deaf, anyhow!
  15. I say you sing beautifully. God doesn't care that you can sing or not. Just listen to the way I sing. I can sometimes be on key, then the next minute I'm off key. So, I know how you feel. I hope though you get to have the singing part. I know God will use you in His own special way.
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  16. Pretty good..I thought the second one was the best..keep at it.
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  17. You have a beautiful tone. But you are not breathing patiently enough.
    That is something that once you hear it yourself you will be able to develop.

    Concentrate on singing to The Lord rather than for The Lord and it doesn't even matter. All of us have suffered in some way in this life, our ability to rejoice in love from Yeshua is your witness.

    Can you sing? Yes
    Well? Not yet
    Do you have a good voice? Sounds great.

    Now find a way to develop into a complete vocalist
  18. Well I reckon nearly everyone (there are a few people who are genuinely tone deaf) can sing but you also say:

    So much there, IMO, can be as dependent on whether you sound right for a particular style as anything else. On that, I think your singing goes with your guitar accompaniment but I'm not really familiar with that style and of what may be expected.

    I'm probably less concerned about whether someone for example sounds as if they might be finding it a touch hard to reach a high note than some others. That's possibly because my own outlook is largely based on my thoughts on traditional folk music. For me it's more important how someone puts the song across.

    As for guitars, I've been dabbling a little lately but in a rather different direction. I've been using an electric guitar and (mostly) playing with midi. I can for example have the guitar sound like this: and use different fingerings (I'm using GDEA fingering on the top 4 strings for that - it's more familiar to me) while leaving the guitar in std tuning.
  19. You made me pick up my guitar again this last Friday, haven't played since though, I've been in San Diego. I plan on throwing something together this weekend so I have something to share. I would like to hear more of what you have when/if you have more!
  20. Hmm..I sing too maybe I'll post a video.

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