Can God use running and cycling?

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  1. Can God use running and cycling?

    What purpose does running and cyling accomplish in our lives?
    How can God use those pursuits to honor Him and serve others?

    I have seen peoples lives be transformed physically,mentally and spiritually through their athletic pursuits.

    They have lost weight, gained confidence, made new friends, accomplished goals, raised money for the Kingdom,..............

    Those times running or cycling can be vry relaxing, giving us time to think and pray.

    The cheering and support at races can be very uplifting. Where else would a stranger say Good Job or Your Awesome?

    Gerry Geraghty
    coach Endurance Fellowship
  2. Just do it in his name. Whenever I want to give up during a workout or a hard run , I think to myself "Did Jesus quit on you?". Working out also can relieve stress sometimes. I used to listen to alot of bad music to get me pumped up , but thats useless. Just think about God and the workout is more enjoyable.
  3. Welcome to CFS endurancefellowship!
    My knees quit running before I did.:p
    God can and wil use us anyplace we find ourselves if we are willing. It sounds as though you have a great job endurancefellowship.
    Many blessings, your brother Larry.
  4. I used to do triathlons, because God wanted me to learn endurance...
  5. It's God's beauty at work...his mechanics of the human form, all working in perfect harmony to propel us forward, a dance of aerobics! It's beautiful, really...a testimony all of its own. Each stride represents a miracle in that God has fashioned us to have command over the flesh. We command cells that, without us, wouldn't move at all.

    We can achieve victory through running and cycling. And then we can turn around and give all of the glory of that victory to God - we can let Him know that we know that without Him, there would be no victory at all.

    And victory doesn't come from winning a race or triathalon can come in other forms: An injured woman who is able to finally walk out to her mailbox to get her mail again after months of healing. Jogging through one entire mp3 on the treadmill. Crossing a finish line in a race that a passed-away dad used to always run and you never thought you could. Standing on a scale after a week of torturous (but easy to everybody else) bike ride to find that you lost two pounds. Those are victory. Personal victory, with trumpets and movie-score music blaring in the background. Victory with tears of accomplishment.

    The glory goes to God. Of course he uses running and cycling, in more beautiful ways than we can ever imagine!:D

    Praise His Holy Name.:)
  6. Yes, victory is not always in winning the race, it's how you run. I was never that good but I was always victorious. I used to run slow the last mile and then about a quarter mile from the finish line I would sprint with everything I had, passing people right and left, the crowd would cheer (even though I was in the middle of the pack) all they could see was how strong I finished.

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