Can God Heal An Unbeliever?

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  1. My father's side's cousin's mother has the ALS disease now. It's the disease that when muscles stop moving... It's so sad, and she is only 53 or soon 53... I don't want her to die so soon, and she is Lutheran, and from my experience, Lutherans are very much involved in worldly things and Lutherans believe that lust is not a sin because it's a feeling and they also believe that it's only a recommendation to save the sex for marriage and not an obligation...

    I prayed for her if I remember and I sent a prayer request to a prayer group to heal her, but she still has ALS...

    Can God heal unbelievers?
  2. Yes, He has and does on a regular basis. He heals who He heals for His own purposes.
    During the Marian Apparitions in Zeitoun Egypt there have been quite a few Moslems
    healed of their various illnesses.
  3. Then why my father's side's cousin's mother is not healed yet? Does God want her to die? :(
  4. God doesn't want anyone sick Polly. When we pray for someone's healing we need to have faith God healed them, not question it because it hasn't happened yet. Praise God for what he has done
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  5. I have no idea what God may have planned for your "father's side's cousin's mother".
    God may be waiting for her to do something, or not.
    For some, death is a blessing. Death being a moving on and start of a new mode of existance.
    Death is a very hard subject for most, because most misunderstand death so thoroughly.
  6. Saw that one coming a mile away...
  7. You predicted this? Do you have the gift of prophecy?
  8. "You predicted this? Do you have the gift of prophecy?"

    I would think that Abdicate is saying that he inferred that this would happen due to activity on other threads.
  9. Yes Polly God saves unbelievers, that is exactly what every one of us was at one point. I don't recommend putting all Lutheran's in the category of unsaved, to be saved is to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior because you know of your sinful nature and that you need him, so many Lutherans may in fact be saved, though they might be manipulated by false doctrine. I'm sorry about your family member, just remember to continue to trust in God and pray for and be a witness to her.
  10. :)
    She wanted to know about healing not salvation
  11. Thank you, I misread the title. I still think my post is worth reading though.
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  12. I have prophesied, but that wasn't prophecy, but understanding. Polly, I learned from experience with you that you ask innocent questions, then ambush us because God doesn't fit some mold you have of Him.

    1 Cor 2:11 (ESV)
    For who knows a person's thoughts q except the spirit of that person, which is in him? So also no one comprehends the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.

    Some things are a mystery and will remain that way because God wants you to have unwavering faith in Him and to trust Him completely. When we get to heaven we won't even remember this life that's how wonderful it is. Trust Him Polly, He loves you very much. Take His love so you can love Him back.
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    God does not listen to the prayers of sinners John 9:31.

    But a saved person can pray for them. God may or may not heal. How can an ant question the Creator of all? Once all is said and done, God is good, that is the only 'given'.

    I have to disagree with this.

    How well did you know her? Perhaps encourage her to prepare to meet God? Start repenting and softening her heart. Many harden their heart even in death. No Christian church is responsible for that.
  14. But we are all sinners. Do you mean unrepentant sinners or even sinner Christians?
  15. We all have sin, we are not supposed to be sinners. The bible differentiates between the two, so should we.

    As you noted, unrepentant sinners = ''sinners''.
  16. Polly -
    Any response?
  17. You gonna ban me if I don't respond? I don't know what to say...
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    How about the truth.
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  19. Well, because I feel like some of you are being just too strict and some of you judge people while it is a sin to judge people... But Mitspa and Brian help me good...
  20. What do you feel is too strict?

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