Can Christians Go To Acupuncture?

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  1. Or is acupuncture occult?
  2. No, it is not occult.
    I've incorporated acupuncture into my lifestyle and I'll say it is a wondrous healing methodology. And affords noticeable affects on the balance and overall health of the body. I love it. That combined with full body deep massage is a Godsend. If I were rich I'd employ a staff. No kidding.

    I wanted to add this article for your consideration. It's also a great website if you're a mom. :) mother for life .com
    Acupuncture for dummies
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    It is rooted in Taoism. I expect it works on some people but I wouldn't listen to their paganism explanations as to why.

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  4. Yes.
  5. I'd say it's okay from the little I know about it. Even if it came from bad practices, I don't see why Christians couldn't use it. After all, we aren't worshiping a god or anything by participating, but enjoying benefits from a practice that is supposed to make you feel great. I see it the same way I see stretching.
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  6. I don't see anything wrong with it medically but I don't know about all the chi yin and yang energy
  7. Yeah, medical acupuncture, not spiritual
  8. Interesting question.. I really do not the answer.. Best advice would be to stay away from it, simply because we do not know the full details of it.. There is a thin line between culture and pagan practice!
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  9. I've used it for shoulder pain before. Now I use God and I have gotten better results with Him
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  10. No, it simply a treatment.
  11. God can't use acupuncture to heal the same way He uses doctors?
  12. God doesn't need doctors to heal.
  13. I didn't say that He needs doctors. I said He uses them.
  14. Yes, because we refuse to have faith God is our great healer
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  15. I knew a guy who practiced it. He was my next door neighbor. He also gave massages with his feet while chanting. He gave me a coupon for 30 minutes free. I threw it away because a man massaging another man with his feet and chanting is a sin.
  16. Even with faith, God can and does use members of the medical profession.
  17. 1. God doesn't always heal people by Himself.
    2. It is not refusing to have faith in God by going to treatments or doctors. God gave some humans the ability to become doctors and stuff so they can heal people...
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  18. Who created doctors? ;)
  19. God.
  20. I guess @Polly has this one :)
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