can anyone here recommend some teachings from Pastor Joel Holm?

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  1. sorry, if you don't want to talk about it on the public forum, can you PM me? I really want to know more about him and his teachings

    thank you
  2. Sorry, never heard of him. Did you try YouTube?
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  3. Never heard of him either. Did you want us to look him up? ;)
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  4. thanks for replies, I have just checked some of his videos on youtube
  5. And?
  6. when say I check, I meant I just found some of his videos on Youtube

    I am at university now, and I don't have earphones with me.

    so I am going to listen to the whole thing once I get home

    and hopefully I will like them.
  7. Ah ok. :) Have fun in class.
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  8. i have checked out one of his videos, he came across like a really dynamic and engaging speaker. As far as the message is concerned, he really bring the message that "God is faithful and He is all we need in hard times" home.
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  9. Thanks for the reply :)

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