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  1. Okay so i don't really know what else to do, I'm a fairly normal young girl nothing crazy going on in my life, none of my friends are religious and only a couple of people in my family are, but not hugely and they don't go to church. Nothing has ever been pushed upon me. But my whole life I have felt a connection to god, this would be the only way to explain it, it always used to frighten me and just this last year it's almost got very intense, I feel like I can read a persons soul and I have nobody to talk to about this? I'm not sure what any of it means and I feel like I'm supposed to do something with this? I wonder if anyone could help me ?
  2. Have you been talking to God about what's going on?
  3. Not really? Do you think this is a good idea? Like I said I really have no knowledge about any of this.
  4. Good morning (from the UK),

    I was in a similar situation some time ago when I was chastised for becoming a minister and truly accepting God.
    You will in your life meet people who will disagree with your faith and God.

    Remember God tests is, He sends little tests to us.
    Open a Bible if you have one - if not look online at one on YouVersion and read about it.

    People may judge you but only God can judge.

    To be continued...
    (Got to go to work)
  5. Yes most definitely. God should be the one that we always go to first. And He can let you know if what you are experiencing is from Him and why you have it and what He wants you to do with it.
    Father, i thank You for Stephanie. And i thank You for giving her wisdom regarding what is going on in her life right now. Thank You for drawing her closer to You and surrounding her with Your presence. Thank You that she is Your lamb, and that she knows Your voice. Thank you for leading here and guiding her in all that she does. In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.
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  6. Stephanie Hello,
    I am going to take this in another direction because something is not settled here. It just may be lack of understanding since your post really does not say alot about you.

    Ok I hear a lot about religious or religion......Are you Born Again ? Have you surrendered your life to CHRIST JESUS ? I ask because you say you have this connection or feel as if you have this connection with God. You also say you feel like you can read people souls....

    Please tell me a little more about these things.....From where I came from, or rather where God saved me from, I need to hear from you a little bit more. I am not going to get into it in this post until I learn more about this.
    Thank You Stephanie and have a very wonderful day !
  7. Hello Jim
    Okay, so I have always believed in god but it's never been a massive part of my life, but I feel like my whole life I have almost been pushing it out of my life? I don't know how to explain it... I feel like evil has always followed me around? But I have managed to keep it away, I never talk about evil things or anything in relation otherwise things start to happen in my life... Nothin crazy but just silly things and I can feel it. So yes I always push this out because I believe your not supposed to give in to this. But recently it got so strong in my life I was having the scariest feelings and strange things were happening in my boss house which I was living in, it was getting so bad that I actually asked for gods help, I then went away on holiday for two months came back and my boss has started to experience such things... And he used to laugh at me. So now I still feel the presence but it doesn't threaten me and from this I feel this strange feeling like god is all around me almost protecting me, I'm sorry I'm not very good at explaining this because it's not a usual story, but now I really feel like he is in my soul my body everywhere around me in the wind in the sun everywhere it's refreshing, so I guess I'm almost answering my own question with writeing this. So I wonder am I supposed to anything? How do live my life in thanks with what he has releaved me from? Or what do I do? If anything at all? I hope this makes sense. Thank you. Oh and in regards to reading peoples souls I feel like I understand people but not just "oh I'm good at reading a person" like some sort of feeling I get off people, for me if I find a good honest soul that person shines so bright no matter what their faults, this is also hard to explain, it's a feeling that other people give me, it's very beautiful. I hope any of this helps.
  8. @Stephanie1993
    Hello Stephanie,
    I really like your Avatar !! God hooked me up with a job years ago where i worked on a race horse farm. I truly fell for those thorough breads in a heart beat. I took care of them and took them to the track and worked with them. For the longest time I would rather have been with the horses then peole.....

    I have a few thoughts about this but I do not want to get into these just yet.
    Now I take it that you have not made Jesus Lord of YOUR LIFE.
    I need to ask you a couple of personal questions....
    What kind of tv shows or movies are you into.....
    What books and on line things have your interest.
    Where do you feel drawn to...

    I am only asking to get a much more clear picture of things in your life.
    I hope you can be honest in everything or another words....nothing is too silly or dumb or what have you.....
    Thank YOU Stephanie and have a great week end
    Jim..Sorry it took so long to reply...
  9. Hello, thank you yeah horses are my whole life, I live sleep breath work horses, I work with horses and it has been my ticket around the world, horses give you a calm amazing feeling that no human can, however they can also make you hate them of course!!! Erm what am I interested in? The news for sure, I like to know what's going on in the world, country channels, I'm really into hunting? Is that bad? Also typical trashy American TV, movies? Gotta love a good chick flick! Yeah I think I sound like any average girl. I feel rude that I am not asking about you also? I feel like should? What are you interested in?
    Hope you have a lovely weekend too ☺️
  10. Hi Stephanie,
    No you are not being rude !
    I know I have asked a lot of questions but I am only trying to learn about your situation. I was SAVED from a very dark place many years ago. God delivered me from an area I would not wish on any one. A lot of what you mentioned in your first post and first reply to me sounded a tad too familiar and I was only searching for clues and such.

    What kind of life style does your boss have ? I mean just a normal life or are they into some other type of things?
    Do you ever feel this presence any more or any where else ? The one that bothered you.
    The one you feel is God all around you, how does this make you feel and does it fuel your reading people ?
    I know so many I simply want to rule out some things is all. Like i said some of what you said is way to familiar.....
    Have a great week end.....OBTW I am into God and His word and Boats and Fishing and Boats
  11. I would say he had a very privileged lifestyle, Erm I have felt this feeling lots of places not just here, and honestly I saw orb like things in his house, the only reason it got so bad is because I'm usually really good at pushing this out but it started to enter my life in a positive way, like positive energy then before I knew it I felt like a pressure cooker of energy and my vision started to go blurry at times then I realised I had almost been tricked into this... This is just how I see it, then I really began to pray and obviously it wasnt straight away but after a couple of months I felt the presence of God, and like this energy was not aloud to touch me, very weird my brother came to visit me and he is a very strong believer and when he was in my house I could almost see him shining!!! Very weird experience, and after his visit things got much worse. But now like I said I know that this wishes to enter my life but God protects me... It's a lovely feeling. It's also strange to me because I can be very good friends with someone and know their soul is not saved. And I can also not like people and know that their soul is saved. I say saved I have no idea what that means, almost like they are blessed and their soul shines out of their body? But I never want God to leave me alone because that would scare me. If this sounds similar to you that would make me feel much better because I have never talked with anyone about this before.
    Fishing is great I love fishing :)
  12. So Stephanie, what do you believe about Jesus?
  13. Really no idea, I have only ever spoken to God... I don't really know anything...
  14. Do you have a Bible?
  15. Have you ever herd the story about Mary and the virgin Birth of Jesus?
  16. On my phone yes
  17. How often do you read it?
  18. I often find that a habit of reading the Bible at specific times is a good thing to do.
    If you wish, you can ask anything you would like to know the answer to and I'm sure our army of loving members will answer with scriptural references.
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  19. @Stephanie1993 Hello,
    I apologise that I have not replied. I was wondering how things are going?

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