Can An Arab Christian Love Israel?

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  1. There was a family of Arab Christians living in Bethlehem in the 1990’s. Like most Christian Arabs, they were part of mainline churches like Orthodox or Catholic. They believed in Jesus, but didn’t really know Him. Since this is a testimony of one of the son’s, I’ll call his name ‘David’ as that was his favorite Bible character and I’ll tell the story from his perspective:

    Orthodox Priest

    “When I was eleven years old, my mother, who had been quite ill, was miraculously healed by the Lord and came to know Him in a real way. My father and I also gave our lives to the Lord at that time. I was attending a Catholic school in Bethlehem, as it was a good school. I was a ‘child of the Intifada’. We were taught that the Jews and the Israelis especially were our enemies and that we should hate them, that Jesus was a Palestinian, etc. After I came to know the Lord in a real way, I started to read the Bible for the very first time and was shocked to discover that it was all Jewish! I couldn’t wait to tell that information to my religion teacher at school. I tried to approach it in a casual way, so I asked him, ‘What was Mary before she became Catholic?’
    ‘She was always Catholic,’ my teacher replied emphatically.

    ‘No, sir,’ I said happily, pleased with my discovery, ‘it says in the Bible that she was Jewish!’ This made my teacher so angry that he dragged me to the principle’s office and I was suspended from school for ten days for daring to even suggest that Mary had been Jewish! So later I tried to tell it to my grandmother, who was a religious woman. I simply said, ‘I started to read the Bible, and it says that Jesus is Jewish…’ She slapped me in the face and said, ‘Don’t ever, ever say such a terrible thing again!’ Later my parents came to me and said kindly, ‘Listen, we also know that what you’re saying is the truth. But for your own protection, it is not something that you should talk about again…’ So I continued to read the Bible, but I never talked about it again.

    Read more at News from Jerusalem
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  2. The roots of hatred and ignorance run very deep in the Holy land. However I have witnessed Arabic Christians who love Israel and embrace the real Jesus Christ. Shame on the religious organization which I shall not name that perpetuates such lies.
  3. Initially God chose the Jews to be his, yet they rejected their messiah, so God turned his salvation to all nations and tongues to come for eternal life, in attempt to cause the Jews to turn from their ways and seek the Lord. Which they will once again and they will be the most on fire preachers the world has ever known. It was always God,s purpose to offer salvation to all people.
    The Lord loves Israel and so do all those who are his.
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  4. Greetings:
    Recently I heard a RCC-bishop(Semitic) talk about his country(well I wouldn't call that place a country).Boy,was he ticked.
    I wouldn't even go to a country that surrounds Israel,because the hatred around there couldn't be cut with a blow-torch.

  5. True.. Paul says if rejection of Messiah by Jews has brought about this much good, then how much good would happen when they accept Jesus as Messiah.. I am sure they would be some of the great preachers we can ever come across :)
  6. Not only that, but non-Chistian Arabs can love Israel and some do.

    What they have problem with is the Israeli government. And sometimes I really do agree--though I often hold issue with many governments.

    It's very easy to love Israel but dislike the Israeli government.

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