Can A Whole Race Be Cursed Or Blessed?

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  1. Can a whole race be cursed or blessed? It seems like Jews today are very blessed. Look how many are well off. Look how well their country is doing etc etc. This to me is obviously a blessing from God, because the Jews are still His people.

    So then during WWII, were they cursed? Maybe because of what happened to Christ?

    It seems like some groups of people do better then others. Is it because God curses one and blesses the other? Maybe native americans were pretty much destroyed because they would not convert to Christianity. What do you guys think?
  2. "So both of Lot’s daughters became pregnant by their father.37 The older daughter had a son, and she named him Moab; he is the father of the Moabites of today. The younger daughter also had a son, and she named him Ben-Ammi; he is the father of the Ammonites of today."

    I believe the Moabites and the Ammonites were not blessed people. Could it be because Lots daughters raped him?
  3. "When Noah awoke from his wine and found out what his youngest son had done to him, he said,
    “Cursed be Canaan!
    The lowest of slaves
    will he be to his brothers.”

    Could black people be the decedents of Canaan, since it says the lowest of slaves? And according to history the type of slavery in America was one of the worst.
  4. Good question! I think our bulbs are going on today :D

    Moab and Ammon - They were born in an improper way. So their generations were cursed. I think it is possible for a generation to be blessed or cursed. Same goes with nations. I think today Lord deals with nations rather than races.. In those days, races and nations were synonymous.. Today that's not the case.. So i think it is more fair to say Lord blesses or curses a nation.. And we all have that responsibility.. As part of nation, we contribute to the blessing or cursing.. For example, US passing laws that homosexual marriages are legal.. We have a part of that..
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  5. I totally agree with nations being able to be blessed and cursed. But you don't think races can be cursed, or blessed today?
  6. I doubt.. in OT days races were confined to nations.. Not anymore! See, we both in the same chatroom! :D
  7. Wow Where, lots of questions,

    Yes the descendents of Ham had a curse pronounced on them by Noah Gen 9:25

    Not all Hamites are black, the Chinese and Japanese are his descendents, also the inhabitant of N America, Mexico and S America, the native American received the results of the spiritual principle of Lev 18:28 & Lev 20:22, the land spewed them out and it was given by God to others (did you know Columbus wrote in his journal that he never took a reading from the stars, but guided his ship by the Holy Spirit, they never taught us that in school).

    The Moabites and the Ammonites are under the judgement of the same spiritual principle, they were created from an incestuous relationship and again God said the land would spew them out and be given to others, ...met an Moabite or Ammonite recently?


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  8. And for that and Molech worship, abortion, the land will spew the Americans out of it too, just like it did the native Americans, same spiritual principle.

  9. There is only one race on this planet.

    Homo Sapien Sapien.

    We are ALL sinners and deserve death.

    BUT God loves us that he gave us Grace.
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  10. Sorry Dave, homo sapiens is a species, just like canine or feline, ...not a race.


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  11. Homo sapien sapien is the Human Race.

    One race, one world.

    There are NO others. We have to kill the term "other races" among humans. It is patently not true and only serves the enemy.
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  12. A whole race can be blessed. The Jews were blessed and cursed by God. Them dying at Hitler's hands can be seen as a curse if you consider the prophecy of them rejecting Jesus and being dispersed by the Romans. This placed them in a vulnerable to persecution / demonized position in Germany.

    We can't ignore the fact that for the last 1500 years since the decline / fall of the Roman empire the 'West' has been blessed. Romans spread Christianity to Europe. Europe spread Christianity to the world. Christianity / Blessed / technology have been synonymous for the last 1000 years.

    Africa is definitely cursed. Not a single discovery / contribution to science. Every country's economy is limping. 6 000 years on earth and some villages still need to invent the wheel.
  13. Moroccan scientists develop vaccine against avian typhoid
    Libyan Doctor first to apply genetic inducible fate mapping
    Egyptian doctor wins Noble prize for chemistry
    Ethiopian doctor invents way to control biharzia
    Kenyan man develops device that turns shows into portable cell phone chargers
    Cameroon man invents the Cardiopad
    Benin engineer invents soil type testing device for crop choice
    South Africans develop the Smartlock safety syringe
    Swazi teens develop hydroponic method that increases crop yields by 140%

    Trolling, bigoted or ignorant. I cannot tell which.
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    Identifying a race / continent as being behind the rest of the world is not bigotry, certainly not ignorance ..trolling...that had me chuckling.

    Has Africa invented things....umm of course...there are millions of people here with needs. Does that make my point Quite funny that you think it does :giggle:.

    Must I really be pedantic and mention 'world changing invention' by nations with no help from the West?
  15. Just thinking further. If we look at technology / inventions, all nations had help from someone else. The Brits from the Romans. The Romans from the Greeks. The Greeks from the Egyptians. Which means, if Africans, Indians and Chinese remained mostly barbaric for much is clearly a cursed state. Does this mean nobody met God, of course not. It just means as a nation / race they were clearly cursed.
  16. So all that writing, numbers, science and math created by Chinese, Indians, Babylonians and Arabs was not world changing?

    OK you and your west-centric myopia can remain in place, I'll just shake the sand off my sandals.
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  17. Yes. The results of sin.

    Whatsoever a man soweth, so shall he also reap.
  18. who invented one of the worlds greatest items.....the CAN OPENER? Germany!(A German).
  19. You are moving the goal posts. I thought I made it clear last 1000-1500 years. And in relation to being blessed. Are you suggesting the Chinese, Indians and Arabs are blessed in relation to the west for the last 1000 years?

    Why you keep dusting the sand off your sandals? Are you on the beach?
  20. lol. If I knew people would dissect my post so I would have made it clearer that inventions directly related to being 'blessed'. Like Aqueducts. Steam engine. Gunpowder. And more so Indian, Africa. We all know the Chinese and Japs are mathematicians since birth.

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