Can A Forgiven Sin Be Un-forgiven?

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  1. Can a forgiven sin be un-forgiven?
    Reference Matthew 18:23-35

    Jesus speaks in parables often throughout the Gospels.  He does this to educate people, giving them real world scenarios of what God expects of us.  Matthew 18:23-35 tells the parable of the unforgiving servant.  In summary:

    * The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king who wished to settle accounts - v23
    *A slave did not have the means to repay the debt, so the king commanded him to be sold - v25
    *After begging for mercy, the king had compassion for the slave and forgave him his debt - v27
    * Someone else owes a debt to the slave and begs the slave for mercy - v29
    *The slave refuses mercy and has the debtor thrown in prison - v30
    *The king finds out about the slaves actions - v32
    *Angry, the king hands the slave to the torturers until is debt is paid - v34
    *Jesus says the heavenly Father will do the same to us - v35

    In the parable, this slave's sin was forgiven in verse 27, but then he was held accountable again in verse 34.  According to Jesus in verse 35, we are held to the same accountability.  If we have been forgiven a sin, then later in life we do not forgive others for sinning against us, we will be held accountable for our sin.
  2. Hello Tropicalbound. If I'm understanding you right you sound like your wondering if a sin which has been forgiven can be un-forgiven again? I think when we do sin, that sin is completely unique because of the circumstances and times when we commited so i would say no, no it can't be undone as such however as Christians, we are to forgive, even if it's in the person of Christ to not allow Satan to advantage us.
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  3. The sins that were forgiven will never again be remembered by God (Hebrews 8:12, Hebrews 10:17, Isaiah 43:25). However, if we don't forgive other people's sins in this world, God will discipline us in this world, in order to sanctify us.
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    What kind of love is He, that G-d, Who is omniscient, will so ignore our sin so that He treats us as if we were always righteous!!
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  5. The slave was NOT unforgiven. These were 2 separate sins - although they are related: Sin #1 (not paying a debt) was forgiven...THEN he committed a separate sin (sin #2) for which he was (at the time) - punished...and not forgiven. We must remember that God deals with our sin and then promptly forgets them. :X3:
  6. unforgiveness only hurts yourself, not others.
  7. No, God keeps His promises. But we can assume a sin has been forgiven when it has not.
  8. Forgiven sin does not mean that we will not suffer as a result of that sin.
  9. exactly ..
    the sin was forgiven ..
    the man received compassion but gave none ..
    the sin was not unforgiven ..
    but, for his non-compassion his life then became VERY uncomfortable ..
    equal to what was forgiven him ..

    the torturers I take to mean as God allowed satan to have at him ..

    Mat 18:34
    “And his lord, moved with anger, handed him over to the torturers until he should repay all that was owed him.
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