calling to be a missionary?

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  1. calling to be a missionary?

    hello..i am 20 yrs of age and currently studying in university, going to be in my second year soon. i have felt the longing to be a missionary since i was 16. i also struggle with depression and i get relapses now and then. does that disqualify me? plus i keep getting mixed messages from people, that if i wanna make an impact in the world i should be more practical not just be a missionary, like i should get a regular job so that i can be more in touch with the world. i dont noe wad to do! :(
  2. Blankgirl, it all rests in what God calls you to do. He is the only one that can tell you what is right or wrong in this situation. Take it to Him in prayer.
  3. That certainly will not disqualify you as when we are weak He is strong. It is best to have Pastoral support and to develop a support network if possible. A friend of the family is a little lady who is a missionary in Africa and with the support she gets from her prayerful friends she has changed many a life. An example a Pastor and his family were living in abject poverty. My sister saved enough money to buy him a dairy cow. Now he not only has milk for his family but sells the extra to pay for their food and other expenses. Another family she taught how to successfully raise poultry and now they are selling the chickens and the eggs giving them the necessary means to survive. The chicken pens are elevated to protect from predators and fertilize the gardens beneath. In many villages the children all call her momma and she is responsible for starting numerous churches and even starting a Victory Bible college. Such a sweet unassuming little lady and yet she prays for wisdom, God answers ,souls are saved and lives are changed. Having a Pastoral covering and a membership that supports her is an important part of that ministry.:)

  4. It’s really between you and God.
    For the people who are telling you what they “think” you should do… ask them what the Bible says about their thoughts. Especially the ones who think you should be more practical… get a regular job… be more in touch with the world. Ask them what the Bible says about that.

    Sure, most of us will need regular jobs, but to get in touch with the regular world? I don’t think so. I think getting in touch with the world is a bad side effect of some of the things that are necessary for us to do. If it is part of Gods plan for you to be a missionary, then rest assured, even if it is a small part, it is a very important part.

    You’ll just have to do a lot of talking and listening to God to find out what He wants you to do.
    And when you ask for advice, don’t just ask what people think you should do. Ask them what they think Gods plan is for you and why. And when they give you an answer, don’t be afraid to ask them what the Bible says about their idea.
  5. True Dean God's Word and will come first. But biblically speaking even the Apostle Paul was a tent maker and worked everywhere he went. It is a fact that many missionary attempts are not tied into a local work and with no support they rarely succeed. Good Pastoral leadership and council and confirming words are awesome needed. Support from the local churches (being sent out and having provision sent) was part of the church since the Book of Acts:) so we know this is indeed part of God's missionary plans.
  6. Know that anything that you decide to do for God is not against God nor is it in vain.

    Don't forget to never be conformed with the world, ever. In fact, to become one with God is to completely remove the worldly things from your life and follow Christ. And if any tell you otherwise, rebuke them gently.
    Many "Christians" I know tell me or others to not be isolated from the world and to have fun. But that is from the devil.

    But you see, I want to be isolated from the world. We're only visitors and we 100% don't belong here. So preach preach and preach even if you don't become a missionary, at least help others and strengthen one another. But if you do happen to be a missionary, then AMEN!!
    As long as it is God's calling for you and doing His will.

    I also long to be a missionary, I'm 20 also. I don't like where I live and I can't wait to finish university also, because it is better that we gather money and then preach. But while gathering money, make sure you keep God alive in the thoughts of those around you.

    ps: Remember, depression (No it doesn't disqualify you) is not from God, it's from Satan. Cast it out of you through prayer and fasting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Give glory to God in all things that you do.
  7. I believe that the advice you were given by Boanerges in his two posts above is good, sound advice.

    May I ask a couple of questions?

    No I do not expect you to post your answers here but as you work through them I am hoping that they may help to clarify your thoughts.

    Why do you want to be a missionary?
    Where are you feeling called to serve as a missionary?
    Do you have any training that would equip you to be a more useful worker there?
    Are you in contact with missionary organizations that work in that area?
    Have you discussed your desires with those organizations in order to find out what they need?
    Have you discussed this with your own Pastor?
    If not, why not?
    If you have what does your Pastor advise?
  8. God shares your dreams with you:)
  9. Hi Blankgirl,

    It's a delight to hear someone so young desiring to serve the Lord in this way. Firstly, concerning your depression, no it does not disqualify you, but you do need to keep on top of it. Living and working in a totally different culture a long way from home can in itself be stressful and at times depressing, so you need to have your answers sorted out before you go.

    Regarding your call, the important thing is not what others want or think (or even what you want or think) but what God wants. As has already been said, you need to take time to really pray and be sure that this is what God is calling you to. If you have others who can pray with you, that is best. Talk to your pastor and older Christian friends, and gather all the support and back up you can.

    I would also suggest that you do at least one and preferably several short term missions trips, to give you more of a sense of what to expect. Also read all the missionary biographies you can, and if you are able to contact and talk with some retired missionaries, so much the better (try contacting some of the missionary societies, they may be able to put you in contact with someone who has returned from their time of service.)

    Finally, don't be discouraged, even if people tell you that you can't/shouldn't/aren't called to do it. If you are sure of God's calling, look to Him to open the doors. Gladys Aylward was turned down by mission societies in London, and ended up going to China on her own, where she made a mighty impact for Christ. (I believe her biography, "The Small Woman" is still available in bookshops.)

    If I can help in any way, feel free to PM me.


  10. hi blackgirl,
    im galvin from Singapore. im too is 20years old. i also have problem with depression. I also dream about being a pastor or a missionary. Same result from friend. Some laught at me, some say you're the man for it.

    i have learn is, depression is what we should not have.
    Because with God, you are save, when you're save what do you have to worry about?

    If people around you know you as a christian, and your life is depressing, its bad advertisement for God.

    Yes i know you are eager to serve but there are a few question you have to ask yourself.

    First, are you ready to serve? do you have problem with your own life that you yet to solve.

    Second, are you call upon to serve? not everyone mission is to become a missionary, we just have to be what God want us to be. Pray to God about this.

    Third, are you ready to take the responsibility? There is a passage in the bible that say that the teacher get judge more.

    you can always start making impact with frds
  11. we need plenty of missionary,s in the uk.and usa i gather also.
  12. haha thanks for the advice...
    every day the desire to serve Him this way jus keeps growing ... and yes i currently am tryin to make an impact on my frens, i try to make an impact wherever i go, so its not like, i jus suddenly thought about it, its that in the process of reaching out i fell in love with reaching out.
    yes i agree i gotta go for mission trips first. my home church back in Penang (a state in Malaysia) is ever willing to help me out, we have a programme specially for people who hav the desire. takes many years. we ll be goin deep into the word, trained and sent for short term mission trips and so on till the real thing comes.
    now i don agree with the fact that depression disqualifies me definitely. YES the Lord is able! as i dream about it more and more this becomes more real to me, that nothing can prevent u from serving the Lord. nothing at all. as long as u keep pushing and knocking at His door.
    thanks sooooo much for the encouragement! u guys made my day!!!!

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