Calling on the Faithful.

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  1. Calling on the Faithful.

    Calling on the faithful.
    Walk with me, am I alone?
    My friends, do any of you atone?
    Joy sings from the heavens.
    As my heart opens, wider then my eyes
    and my mind changes, to the wise.
    rays of light shine down on my path
    that reveal Your footsteps in the sand
    with each of my steps planned
    i walk the path, it grows narrow
    and more people begin to stray away
    on the righteous path, they do not stay
    Calling on the faithful
    Why do you run?
    From the Father and the Son?
    The truth, the light
    Why is it you feel the need to fight
    for what you believed, was right.
    Place your trust in His hands
    and follow his footsteps in the sand.
    Calling on the Lord.
    Walk with me, I am not alone.
    My Father, I am here to atone.

    By: Leap of Faith
  2. I'm loving what's behind this... You can definitely tell it's from the heart. Excellent job there. I would try and tighten up the rhythm. When you end of line rhyme schemes, it's important to ensure that the timing and feel of the piece in terms of movement is constant. Great job though, really enjoyed it.
  3. Thank you :D

    I love writing and I found faith is a great motivation and topic for my writing. Rhyming can get tricky at times though haha, thank you for the input.
  4. Hey not a problem. And please, don't take my opinion as anything legit. Ha, I just know what I like and what I would do mold something into my preference... I am by no means an authority. Like I said though, I did enjoy the read.
  5. Its alright Tell, I like having any input on my writing. You don't have to be a professional writer :p

    I am glad you enjoyed reading it.

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