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Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by smellycat, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. cain

    in hebrew there is no c so how was the word cain formed.:eek:
  2. Michael (S-C): in the Hebrew Manuscript Text, the word IN HEBREW was


    which is transliterated into -

    'Qayin' (Strong's Concordance word # 7014 in the Hebrew dictionary.)

    The word 'Cain' in English, is a translation of the Hebrew into a recognizable English word format and pronunciation.
  3. so what is able and seth m8.lol:)
  4. Abel (English) = הבל in Hebrew and transliterated as "Hebel" - Strong's Concordance Word # 1893 in the Hebrew dictionary.

    Seth (English) = שת in Hebrew and transliterated as "Sheth" - Strong's Concordance Word # 8352 in the Hebrew dictionary.

    Cain means "possession" in Hebrew

    Abel means "breath" in Hebrew and

    Seth means "compensation" in Hebrew (as the 'replacement' for Abel).

    Hope that helps you, Michael...
  5. confusing this bible stuff.:eek::)
  6. thanks m8

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