CA Gov signs Right to Die bill...

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  1. Think of the glory that God gets when a believer goes home to be with Jesus on God's terms and not on the devils. Sickness and disease is the devils terms. I have heard a story where a woman was raised from the dead, lived two more years and then while praising the Lord slipped off into heaven.
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  2. My aim is right on target.
  3. Why not look at it as God's Word hitting the bulls-eye every time?!
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  4. Thank you.
  5. You confuse me here. First you say "Your" aim is right on target" which did not go with what i said Then you say thank you to a post saying Gods word hitting the bullseye......So dear which is it ? Your aim or His ?
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    Is it possible for God to use "physical death" as a means of delivering the "righteous man" from coming evil, and calamity in his life? To me this would not be my preferred method of leaving this earth, unless my work for the Lord had been finished, and there being no need for me to be here. The Lord knows all of our days, the end from the beginning. The Apostle Paul was willing to leave this earth, to be with the Lord which is far better than hanging out in his physical body with all its afflictions, and trials that come with it. He could not decide to either stay, or leave, but he finally chose to stay that the Church would be better off then leaving them. As a Christian we all have a win win situation, as to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

    Isa 57:1.. THE RIGHTEOUS man perishes, and no one lays it to heart; and merciful and devout men are taken away, with no one considering that the uncompromisingly upright and godly person is taken away from the calamity and evil to come [even through wickedness]. (AMP)

    What about the elderly person who is dying, and experiencing pain through old age in which medical science has no answer, and or their faith is not at the point of believing for their healing. Can our faith produce new physical bodies, that can give us another 70-80 years? Who would want that? Not me!! Our physical bodies are not designed to last forever. There is a cut off point in which we will all experience at some time in our life's that desire to leave and be with the Lord, dropping off these bodies that have been corrupted by sin.

    Most of the people that are in unconsciousness state do not have the ability to chose what they want, and so it falls upon their family to chose their fate.
    There are not a lot of people who are well aware of their condition who see no hope for recovery or how to get away from their constant pain. I for one always chose life, and trust in the Lord for his intervention. Man has a free will choice to chose what route to take, and like almost all the time, man without the Spirit of God usually chooses wrong.
  7. There is a huge difference in pulling the plug on some one who is "brain dead" and been on tubes for a length of time compared with a doctor helping some one die.
    Edit add in............... How will this be for the doctor when he stands before God? Human laws mean nothing.....
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  8. It should be noted that in Matthew 10:7-8, the Lord is addressing the twelve disciples. I don't think we can make this the basis for a general principle. It's also worth noting that the phrase "raise the dead" has been inserted into the text by the translators - no doubt accurately.

    I don't want to be controversial, and I'm wary of stirring up an interminable debate. I'll answer your question though, dear brother, as best I can.

    The times we live in now are not the same as those which prevailed at the beginning of the dispensation (or 'era' if some brethren prefer). Then, the Church was in outward display in unity and power. To use a simple illustration, if I were a believer in Corinth, or Ephesus, or Galatia, I would gather with every other believer in the city - the Church was in evidence. The apostle Paul could write to the Church in a place and the epistle would be delivered to the Church in that place - not a particular building, but the full complement of believers in that place. Today, if someone was to write to the Church in - say - New York, or Amsterdam, or Moscow, the messenger would ask, "Which church do you mean?". Outwardly, there's breakdown. Believers are scattered among man-made churches, or independent companies. There is no outward display of the one Church, in unity and power. That's not to say, and we must be clear about this, that divine power is diminished in any way, or that the thought of the one Church has been given up by God. Far be the thought - it could never be so. But the testimony as to there being one Church has largely been given up - many believers have turned to denominationalism or independency, both of which are equally incompatible with the truth of the one Church, the one Body. In these conditions, there aren't outward demonstrations of power for all the world to see. You might say that the Church is hidden at the moment. Is the world presently aware of there being one Church, united, powerful? It was at the beginning. It caused a great stir in the Roman world and beyond! But, is the world aware of it now? No. The worldly person doesn't believe for a moment that there's a single, unified Church. That fact is obscured, hidden from the eyes of the world - and with it, the works of power that bore witness to a Church in the world. The scripture tells us that sign gifts, such as tongues, are for unbelievers. "So that tongues are for a sign, not to those who believe, but to unbelievers; but prophecy, not to unbelievers, but to those who believe." (1 Corinthians 14:22). One might say that the time for demonstration in the sight of the world is passed, and the time of secret upbuilding is here - and that is where power is seen, felt and experienced by believers. We can trace this in the addresses to the seven Churches in Revelation 2-3. There is a word to "him that overcomes". The overcomer isn't seen in a blaze of power and glory in the world. No, the overcomer finds a hidden resource in the middle of the confusion and decline of Christendom. I don't believe that God is working in the way that He did in the early Church in terms of evident miracles attesting to the presence of the Church in the sight of the world - that's evident from the addresses to the seven Churches, and we can see the difference in conditions between Paul's first and second epistles to Timothy. But I don't for a moment believe that there has been any curtailing of power. There is infinite power and resource available to the overcomer in an evil day. "He that overcomes", and the context in which this kind of person is mentioned show us that there's much to be overcome. Obstacles, tests and trials aren't removed - they're overcome. Grace is given to meet them. The thorn in Paul's flesh wasn't taken from him, but he was given grace to bear it. That is a word for the times in which we live. As for myself, signs and wonders don't follow me, but I have a very distinct sense of the immensity of divine power. It couldn't be further from the truth to say that God is not doing anything now. His power is real and operational, and particularly suited to the time in which we are, and the conditions in which we are. The Lord didn't convey one address to seven different assemblies - He had a word for each. In that way, God has brought it what is needed at each stage of the history of the Church.

    As an aside, we mustn't think that the healing of the bodies of believers is a general principle on which God operates. Paul's thorn (2 Corinthians 2:17) has already been mentioned. A brother recently referred on this forum to Timothy's stomach troubles and frequent illness, which Paul advised should be medicated with a little wine (1 Timothy 5:23) - the medicine of the day. Trophimus was left behind in Miletus sick (2 Timothy 4:20). Were Paul, Timothy and Trophimus insufficiently imbued with divine power to heal one another? Could others not have laid hands on them and healed them? These facts, recorded for us on the page of scripture, show that bodily healing is not a general principle. Healing, along with other signs, was a display of divine power and confirmed the divine authority of those who displayed it. It wasn't simply to relieve believers of discomfort, although the mercy and love of God is no doubt in it for those who got relief. I'm sure that there were many more believers sick in those days than were miraculously healed, as there are these days as well. How comforting it is that "we know that to them that love God all things work together for good" (Romans 8:28). "All things" would include illness, loss of loved ones, trials and painful exercises of all kinds. We learn the heart of God in whole new ways when we pass through these things. We learn the greatness of His love, the vastness of His wisdom, the sovereignty of His purpose, the power of His arm. Precious metals are extracted from the ore and separated from the dross in the heat of the furnace, and we all need something of the furnace heat for God to bring to fruition what He has in mind for us.
  9. The vast majority who will die by this bill will think they have ceased from suffering. Quite the reverse .
    For they do not believe God and are not reconciled to God nor have peace with God and will find themselves in hell.
    In truth is it not written w eare not tempted beyond our strangth?
    and if you are a believer do you not die unto the Lord even as you live unto the Lord?
    and if for any reason a person is in great pain etc can you not pray tot that end that will gloryfy God .
    What is at root to such a bill is its GOD LESS nes.

    in Christ
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  10. I understand your thought, yes. However, if my child was killed, I would be assured that it was in the Lord's purpose, and His timing is perfect. If it was His will that the little one should be taken home to be with Himself, I must accept it. It wouldn't be easy, but I know that I'd be given grace to bear it. I believe that God could bring the child back to life, as He's brought many little children back to life - some of them mentioned in the scriptures. But I'm also assured that children and adults are taken to be with the Lord, sometimes in tragic circumstances, and it is entirely His will and His timing. As I've said before, I would do them a disservice to bring them back here. I might, from a purely selfish consideration, want my child back here with me. But I must remember that to be with Christ is far better.

  11. Hello Grant,
    Well Sir the view seen in this reply on Romans 8:28 is not quite inline with scripture. When we study His written word and read it with out the chapter and verse breaks we can see more clearly that Romans 8:28 is still talking about prayer. One should not put a break in there as to read Romans 8:28 as a new topic from what is being said through the chapter.

    I will adress this much for now.
    God Bless my friend
  12. I believe that it would be the case that no believer goes home on the devil's terms. After all, death and Satan have no power over them anymore. A believer is taken to be with the Lord when they die, it is absolutely on His terms.

    As a general question, perhaps the brethren could help me: is there any scripture which describes the raising of the dead by the apostles (or others) after the Lord ascended? I can't think of any at the moment, and I would be glad of help.
  13. Why don't we all just stick to the thread topic?! (y)
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  14. Ok sir this is where we begin to see things differently............ ;)
    You say if your child was killed you are assured it was the Lord Purpose...........
    This is where this conversations ends and begins............

    How do you base this thinking ? What scripture would you use to back this thinking?
    Not everything that happens is Gods will or doing.........
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  15. Acts 20:9-12 Paul raises a young man who feel asleep and fell 3 stories out the window.
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  16. Yes sir !!
    Now then this is for all of us that have strayed a bit correct ? ;)
    God Bless
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  17. You don't think that sufferings are referred to, included in the "all things"? Paul begins the section, "For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the coming glory to be revealed to us." (v 18). I firmly believe that whatever happens to me, joyful or sorrowful, works together for good for me. If I have to go through painful exercise, it's for my good. If I have relief from something, I thank God for it. Either way, He is working in me to bring about what is for my blessing. In my life I've often come under divine discipline, and I've had to go through some bitter soul exercises. The assurance of this scripture has become very precious me: "But no chastening at the time seems to be matter of joy, but of grief; but afterwards yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those exercised by it." (Hebrews 12:11). It's the love of God that causes Him to discipline His children, and He has nothing but blessing in mind for us.
  18. My Mother passed away three years ago in her own home while under the care of "hospice". Her body had just warn out, and there was nothing medical science could do to help her except giving her "morphine" to kill her pain. She only had a partial use of her heart, and was in constant pain all the time, and if we tried to move her even just a little she would scream out in pain even while on heavy does of pain medication. My mother had "0" quality of life, and could not move at all without being in agony. She was not brain dead, or hook up to any tubes. Hospice is not just making those who are dying comfortable, but also with holding food, and water so that they would pass away in no pain. They do not called it assisted suicide but it really is. It is easy to stand opposed to this position while one is still young, but go to some of these places and see the pain these people are going through. You would change your mind, and you would ask God for mercy upon them to deliver them from their body of death.
  19. In my opinion and what i have given by the Holy Spirit from the that suffering refers to resisting the desires of the flesh and worldly ways. Resisting to submit to the things that Jesus died to redeem us from.

    God Bless
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  20. There in lays the "rub". Many years ago my wife, and I use to go to nursing homes all over the county to minister in song, and Word. There are many many in these kinds of places who are suffering greatly. I asked the Lord one day while visiting a nursing home and I asked, "why Lord, don't you just take these people home, and relieve them of their suffering?" The Lord said to me, "Most of these here that are suffering is nothing compared to where they are going". Many received Jesus as their savior, and many did not while ministering there. Why a Christian suffers pain in this life when Jesus himself took their pain on the cross is simply not knowing, what Jesus did for them, and believing it.
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