CA Gov signs Right to Die bill...

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Apologia, Oct 6, 2015.

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  1. Sort to butt in again - but if we're living in daily, hourly expectation of the coming of the Lord Jesus to take us to be with Himself (at His coming), then wouldn't that sustain us? Really, we ought to be in constant expectation. I find that extremely testing, but I believe it's true. Even someone who is suffering a great deal can be sustained by that hope, that the Lord is soon going to come. If I choose to end my life because of suffering, I'm clearly not in the good of the truth of the imminent coming of the Lord.
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  2. It also shows a lack of faith that the Lord will not heal them. We take doctors too seriously, as the end all - be all nowadays, which severely limits our faith and the power of God.
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  3. As humans we are subject to physical death. Holy Spirit is never mute. I don't understand how you can say He is.

    Not very often. The Lord helps me stay healthy, and I know what to do should I suffer the onset of anything. I have needed physician intervention, though, so you cannot cast any aspersions on me for standing up for God as Healer. He is indeed my Healer, and has given me His authority to combat illness, and that doesn't preclude using medical science. We do not, as believers, have to depend on it, however.

    Most people in western culture are blessed to have great medical intervention for the ravages of terminal disease.
  4. Never.

    For all our sins and diseases.
  5. That is why when one has the anointing to raise the dead, it is under God's leading. God will raise them and bring them to new health.

    We as Christians are called to do these things. Far too many refuse to.
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  6. wow!!! Deep . . .
  7. Good point
  8. This chose to let Himself die is not a base for your argument. He shed His blood for their has to be blood in a sacrafice.
  9. All things should be done for the glory of God the Father, whether we eat, sleep, or chew tobacco, lol. I know my body is not mine, Jesus is in here with me right now, and I'm not gonna talk about Him like His not in the room or in me, right Jesus, lol
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  10. When was the last time the Holy Spirit told you to raise the dead?

    But yet you do it anyway. Save your time and money next time and don't go.

    I don't see what your point is in this statement.
  11. ASUK Hello,
    A believer in Christ can build up their Faith and Love and trust in God to the place where they are walking By Faith as all of us are called to do. These folks rely totally on God and His word for Everything which includes healing and health. There is not fault in this.

    Many believers have Yet to reach this level in their walk in Christ and simply have yet to develope this understanding and deeper faith and knowing spiritually. These folks do good by seeing a doctor or any health care type situation......Again there is NO fault in this.

    Both groups of Believers are loved just the same by God.
    So why do you put down on those who can and do Live by faith and do not use the health care system over those who do use this health care system ?

    Why is this something to even argue over ? Both who use a doctor and those who dont are our brothers and sisters and are living the best they can with what light they have in them.
    God Bless
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  12. Well, I can't speak for anyone else, but personally I'm in no doubt that miracles have occurred. I've never seen or heard of anyone being miraculously healed in these times by the laying on of hands, but I've no doubt that it has been done.

    I am quite convinced, however, that this isn't the time for sign gifts.
  13. I must say that I really don't see the purpose in the dead in Christ being raised in order for them to die again - I can't see what purpose that would serve?
  14. God's purposes.

    Matthew 10:7-8
    Go and announce to them that the Kingdom of Heaven is near. 8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!
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  15. Hi Grant,
    Your last line says you are quite convinced that this isn't the time for sign gifts.
    Please would you sir explain this to me ? I mean how do you come to this thought?

    Scripture tells us God will pour out His spirit in these last days....Now thast is going to make a showing dont you think..........
    His word and ways do not stop and reactivate through out time. Another words - Faith is always going to do what Faith was created to do.

    Signs and wonders are what is seen as God works. Another words - you hear the chimes on the back porch chiming away and you say oh thast is just the wind........No sir that is not the wind.......It is the Result of the wind blowing or Signs and Wonders of the wind.

    It is the same with God and His word. Sings and wonders FOllow or are the result of Gods power working. If you feel this is not for today then you just claimed God wont be doing anything thses days.

    Yes sir I know you said "gift" but in truth - there is no need to have a gift of sings and wonders. God works or moves.........Signs = shows He has done something and Wonders = baffles the minds of those who do not know God or who have yet to build up their faith in Christ or can Not simply explain it away.

    God Bless Grant
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  16. Grant my brother - perhaps you might stop and re-read what you have said here.
    Your child gets hit and killed by a drunk driver as they drove through the school yard. Would you not want to lay hands on your child or any of the other children and see them live again and to be able to live out their life ? I mean after all they will die again......

    Does this make sense to you sir ?
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  17. I and millions of others have seen it. We are indeed living in the time for God to reveal His power in signs and wonders...and he does so, daily.
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  18. Every time He moves sister - every time He moves !!
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  19. @Euphemia
    Hey would this not be better ? I mean why be a bullseye for the darts when you can use your shield of faith to repel those darts....
    Just wondering.
    God Bless
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  20. I love that!!! Awesome!
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