CA Gov signs Right to Die bill...

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Apologia, Oct 6, 2015.

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  1. Well sir it is like this.........when one doubts what is clerarly written in the word of God and one says sorry for your unbelief in that area............I do not see any aught or wrong. The fact That I am not sorry for I am blessed does not change that i feel for believers when they doubt a portion of Gods word. This can be from lack of understanding or stubborn or simply been hurt.

    If you can show me sir where my hitting the like button is as an act of not loving or walking in a wrong way then I shall repent and change my way.
    God Bless Kj
    Jim ;)
  2. It is intriguing that at every point you oppose. Nothing that God does through us which is a miraculous wonder is man-focused. Everything we do in Him brings Him glory and points to Him.
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  3. This is unbiblical.
  4. You don't have to WAIT for Holy Spirit to direct you. He simply directs you.
  5. Some people do not grasp that is it Gods working power working through us. They also do not grasp that it is God who decided to make it this way and some folks do not grasp that it is How God desires and commands us to live - His ways not our ways.........
    God Bless
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  6. I agree with sounded to me that you were saying we have to wait for the Holy spirit and if He does not tell us to then we dont.
  7. No waiting on God is necessary in these kinds of situations. When one is in tune with the Holy Spirit and walking in the anointing, one simply moves like Jesus did. We do, however, need belief and we need to know who we are in Christ. Many Christians lack one or the other or sadly, both.
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  8. It is interesting that having establsihed the lie that every one has the right to life . We get a progression of the lie to the right to die .
    In truth such bills of humans rights are the most Godless wicked and vainn assertiosn ever put on paper.
    What each assertion is saying that man can live independent of God and die when he chooses.
    Both assertions are wrong .
    The first but echos the whisper of the srerpent "ye shall not surely die "
    The second also echos what happend "ye shall surely die"

    No man has the right to life . For his breath in his nostrils.
    If a man takes a deep breath .That is his ;and what he says with it and what he does with it is up to him .
    But the next breath is not his.
    When a man goes to work he ahs the right and the expectation to recieve some form of recompence or wages .On the foundation of Gods word that "every labourer is worthy of his hire" For he ahs spent his life ,hios skill and sweat in that labour and should therefore recieve what is due in return.
    But while a man holds his breath and wonders what eh is going to do and say with his life . He should ask himself this question .The next breath which is not his. When did eh ever work or labour for it? When did he ever deserve it or earn it that he can say it is his by right?
    In very truth the very first breath that any man ever took was at his mothers labour expense , She had to work mighty hard so that he might take his first breath.
    A man then is in a love debt to his mother for the very first breath.
    How much the more is a man then in a love debt to God for ecery one he has ever take or will?

    A man who holds to tightly to the idea that he has the right to life then will reject the truth that "the wages of sin is death ........." and if he then rejects that truth he will then reject also what follows "............B ut the free gift of God is eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ"
    In truth when a man says he has the right to life he says no matter what evil I do ,no evil shall come .

    in Christ
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  9. That's often the argument that is presented against PAS.
    What does the scripture say about terminal illness and loss of dignity? If the body is the temple of God and we are the caretakers our life long, show me the scripture where God says that temple should be destroyed by pain and ravaged by disease until it gives out because it isn't strong enough to endure the ravaging anymore.

    And that is your faith that tells you that. But thus far the Spirit has remained mute to that mission you presume he could send you on.

    I've watched people die of terminal illness. Terminal meaning no thing in medical science can heal or cure what ails.
    In the presence of an omnipresent all mighty God these suffering people are ravaged by their disease. Suffer excruciating pain, lose their dignity when they're put in diapers and finally administered liquid morphine so as to effect a slow death with a scheduled increase in dosage. This so as to not have that administration qualify as physician assisted suicide, largely because it is administered either by a care giver or Hospice nurse, but so as to affect the same thing. Physician assisted, via the vehicle of liquid morphine, death. Not natural death, but a liquid administration to that end.

    Someone who is going to die unless God intervenes is worthy of deciding they want peace rather than suffering beyond what we can imagine. Just to make a point that their own dignity isn't as important as is dying like that while God watches.
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  10. There is a new law/ proposal.
    People posted against it.
    You asked for suggestion for those against the new law/proposal what to do instead.

    Am just trying to shift back the question: what is the merit or demerit of the new law/proposal instead?

    Maybe am just trying to avoid to give a suggestion : )
    I have suggestions…..though because I think more question will come in … thus, I shifted back the question : )
  11. Yes, of course there is "merit" in the new law/ proposal....

    I would compare it to Divorce: when the relationship failed, it will just be more pain and misery if the marriage will has it's "merit" with man's wisdom....

    Is Divorce:
    a Divine Law
    or Law of Man with Divine Authority
    as I see it: Divorce is Law of Man with Divine Authority....​

    Saying "Divorce" is a Natural Law or right will be pushing too far....
    or saying "Divorce" is against Divine Law will be pushing too far...

    Now: with the "right to die with dignity"...
    Saying it is a "Natural law/ right" is pushing too far I think..
    Will it displeases God, am not sure..... will it give a good example to fellowman: I won't judge....​

    BUT.... my point: Man can make laws : legal rights
  12. He is never mute.

    I'm so glad that we don't have to depend on medical science. We have a Healer who says He heals all our diseases.

    Jesus has suffered beyond what anyone can imagine.
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  13. There is absolutely no comparison between divorce and terminal illness and right to die.

  14. On this subject it appears to be the case. People are meant to die.

    So you never go to a doctor?

    That doesn't mean everyone else has to do the same. Jesus suffered for a specific reason. It was not to show how tough he was at the end of his life. People do not have to suffer unnecessarily when they are dying.
  15. I don't think so, because God doesn't allow us to undergo testing without giving us the grace to bear it. He never allows us to be completely overwhelmed. He will always bring us through, and give us what we need to overcome.
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  16. I didn't say he was.

    You're a Christian Scientist?

    And he chose to let himself die.
  17. That really puts our own responsibility quite out of the window, doesn't it? Should I continue in sin, that grace may abound? I can do things that are not the will of God, and He won't strike me down. It's a question of doing what is honouring to God, and leaving the matter of our life or death with Him alone is honouring to Him. That is His right, and we must respect the rights of divine Persons.
  18. No believer needs to live out their last moments in misery. There might be bodily suffering, but we get grace to overcome even the worst extremes of that. There's the blessed anticipation too of being with the Lord - surely that should sustain each one of us?
  19. Perhaps this is going off-topic a bit, but I think I would be doing a believer in the Lord Jesus a dreadful disservice if I brought them back to life. I would be taking them from where they were with the Lord Jesus, back to this world. I would be taking them away from something which is far better. If I could do it, I wouldn't.

    Well, that's just my view.
  20. You're kidding right? Are we all not terminally ill because of the fall?
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