C28's Videos contest

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Jeffin, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. C28's Videos contest

    Hi everyone,

    About 2 months back, I put up a contest for GodTuner members but I didn't get any response to it. So I am re-hosting it. If you have any good videos on GodTuner.com, submit it here and we'll choose the best five and get everyone to vote for a winner.

    The prizes are a $100 worth gift certificate for the winner and a $50 worth gift certificate for the runner up and they are given away by C28 Christian clothing store. Contest ends 12th of October.

    What to do?
    Join GodTuner.com (if you haven't), upload any good video (created by you) and place the link here. There's not much time, so act faast. :D
  2. :DHey thats my brother Brad did that from M7. YYYYaaaaayyyyyy!!!!! Brad!!
    The great Chili has spoken:D
  3. Brad wins. Sent an email. :D
  4. Hi Chili! Hope to hear from you soon buddy! ;)
  5. Brad I just sent you an email. I hope you got it.

  6. Dang im late. Congrats Brad on the win!:cool:
  7. Jeff,

    Sorry quick question here...I realize im late but you did say any good video created by you? Does this have to be Christian related or can it be something musical entertaining etc etc...

    Cheers mate

    I ask incase there are more in the future
  8. It has to be Christian related if you want to win in the future. :D
  9. i was excited to hear about Godtuner.com ... But the link didn't seem to work for me :( Will it be back up soon?

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