By His stripes we are healed

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  1. It doesn't matter. If we are made holy by the blood of Jesus, we are marked as His and will be gone with Him in an instant---weaknesses, and erroneous understandings and all.
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  2. I can agree with that, but does it/we not limit what we can do for the kingdom of God here on earth today or tomorrow if we do not move past these foundational things?
    After all, we are not called for ourselves, but to be servants.
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  3. It definitely does affect how God can use His kids in the lives of those who desperately need a literal touch from Him. As I said to someone before---it makes us, the soldiers in the King's army, have to step over our fellow infantrymen to do the job they should be doing, plus protect them from the enemy as well. When we are all in unity, the formation works and moves together as one.

    It makes for vulnerability to the enemy when one is out of formation:

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  4. Not this week but does some one that had stopped breathing count ?
    He will return when the gospel has been preached everywhere. It has not been yet but it is getting closer.

  5. In my is just as you said, faith is not a one size fits all. Each one is given a measure of faith when we are saved (probably the size of a mustard seed) and as we grow in God and the things of God, then our faith grows into the tree that comes from the mustard seed ( i think that is why God had that analogy used). But faith needs to be developed (just like you said), and that is the reason why The Bible tell us to meditate on the Word(Joshua 1:8, and Romans 12:2), keep the Word before our eyes (prov 4:20-23) and faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17).
    Blessings my friend!
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  6. I fully agree with what was said except your trivial part.....but that is like you said part of our differences of believing. So thank you for the opportunity to discuss and share what i believe in a safe place.
  7. I believe Jesus said, "when the Son of man returns, will he not find faith on the earth" Since faith is that which will bring Jesus back to this earth, is there now faith to do that today?
  8. In my life and from others i have seen, the major part of faith that is missing is faith in the fact that God loves us. A lot of people believe that He does, but in a lot of people it is head knowledge and not heart knowledge.

    Something that puzzles me is that you are saying that renewing ones mind with the Word of God is being brainwashed? Do you not believe that our minds need to be transformed by the Word of God to think as He does? And to me the word magic should not even be used when talking about the power of the Father.
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  9. Brother, the Wisdom of God never compromises the truth. Never give in just speak what you know as truth, even if it hurts!!
    God hath blessed you with much Wisdom.
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  10. @KingJ

    Look we all need to get some thnings settled in this thread before we go on. There is too many versions of idea's of meanings being shot around and it is causing confusion and strife. So lets get a few things settled.

    There is no such thing as one size fits all or all you need is little faith.
    Jesus said He only says what He hears the Father say and only does what He see's the Father do and it is the Father that does the work through Him.

    With that said may I ask you how many times did Jesus speak ye of little faith ?
    Now then if it is true little faith does all then Jesus does not know this and better yet the Father does not know this for Jesus only says what He hears the Father say.

    Now then we know better then that so there indeed is a level of faith from little to big or week to strong. NOW SETTLE THIS........and stop claiming i don't need big faith or little faith does it all.

    Now then lets look at Luke 17:6 where it is said of faith the size of a mustard seed.
    What this does not say is little faith moves mountains.
    When faith is first pure which means lacking nothing or another words has NO fear, or worry or doubt and unbelief or cares then it is pure and can move a mountain.

    The mustard seed is the smallest of seeds but grows up into something big.
    We are told faith comes by what ? Hearing the word of God. So faith has to be built up on the word of God. This also shows us Faith has to be built up.

    Blessings My Brother
  11. please forgive me for i am not trying to argue, just add to what you have said, or i guess to see if it comes close to what you are thinking....

    A person's faith should be in the power of God to do whatever the Word of God says? Bottom line. And if the Word says that healing is something that is already ours (because Jesus's Blood bought it for us) then maybe the attitude of thanking The Father for what He has already given us, because the devil is trying to steal it, could be right?

    Thank You for taking the time to answer.
    blessings to you and your household!
  12. Great attitude Brother!
  13. [QUOTE="Euphemia, post: 400778, member: [/QUOTE]
    That people see delay in healing is not a point in favour of the fact that it is on offer for all. I heard just this morning from a wonderful bible teacher that the habit of us continually asking is negating the faith we had for the answer previously. We need to rebuke illness, claim our healing, and ask God for His healing power to flow through us and then leave Him to do it. Waiting is a highly spiritual exercise! :)[/QUOTE]

    just to add something that i herd.... faith and patience are power twins.....part of faith is having give the seeds of God's Word time to grow (Mark 4) because it is not automatic....and the reason why not to continue to ask is because we need to get on the faith side of things and be thanking Him for what has already being provided. (Phil. 4:6-7).

    If faith in God pleases Him, and we are praying in a pleading kind of way or constantly asking, then we are not praying out of faith...and God does not hear those kinds of prayers.

    Thanks for letting me add to your post.

    Blessings my friend
  14. Amen! "Power twins"! Good one!

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  15. i think that you have made a very valid point. There are many people (wonderful and well meaning, that Love God) who are so busy, that they don't make time for God except to go to church on sunday. When we don't nourish our spirits during the week, it is more difficult to keep our shield of faith up, and our whole armor on.

    To some people tv is really important, but that tv program (unless it is preaching or something godly) is not planting the seeds from the Word of God that helps our faith and our knowledge of the Word to grow. Ps 24:5 & 10 nlt 5)the wise are mightier than the strong, and those with knowledge grow stronger and stronger. 10)if you fail under pressure your strength is small.

    In my opinion this is another reason why the Word says to meditate on God's Word, get it deep and settled within our spirits. Proverbs 4:20-1 says to keep it before our eyes. And in Corinthians the Apostle Paul put a stop to the strife and division that was beginning to build within the church, because a spirit of strife and a spirit of division will cause evil (James3:16) to be in the midst of a church and then in comes confusion and other temptations to sin. The church has opened the door to the enemy to bring in things that God wanted to protect them from. And with confusion...well no one learns or grows.

    Blessings to you and your family!
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  16. This thread has gone on long enough.

    Healing is one of those topics with strongly held beliefs on both sides.

    No minds will be changed by continuing so the thread will be closed.

    Please do not start a new thread on this topic.

    Thank you all who contributed.
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