By His stripes we are healed

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  1. Fear is mentioned 400 times in the KJV....a lot of fear not...but
    Lev_19:14 Thou shalt not curse the deaf, nor put a stumblingblock before the blind, but shalt fear thy God: I am the LORD.
    Lev_19:32 Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, and honour the face of the old man, and fear thy God: I am the LORD.

    We can swap scripture but my only fear is separation from God. Fear is an every day and everyone has it range of emotion. I am in incomprhensible awe of God but I trust Him...and accept His ways as best.
  2. @Major

    Major here is what you said that I replied to that is in question.

    Jim, if that is the case, can you explain to me why Christians are sick and dyeing and have died????

    Major why do so many of His people perish of lack of knowledge ? Why do so many believers allow strife and anger into thier lives when Jesus left us His peace and not the peace like the worlds peace ?
    See where I am going with this Major ?

    Major you said something along the lines of my people perish was not for us.
    So only a certain group of people perish from lack of knowledge of His word ?
    What my friend I was showing you was simply that Jesus gave us His peace and not peace like the world knows but His kind of peace BUT or HOWEVER not every born again Christian is walking in this peace. Why ?

    Many Christians live with anger and strife and so forth but that is not of the Father nor His will. Why ?
    Many Christians walk around feeling like they can not be good enough to please God and we know this is not of the Father. Again I ask YOU why ?

    The answers for the above is the same answer to your question. This is why I said do you see where I am going with this ?
    Sorry for any confussion my Brother
    Blessings and Love in Christ
  3. I'm sorry you feel that way. I'll leave.
  4. Silk that is pretty good but now lets define fear.
    One context you use fear the Lord......Ok this time fear is and so forth.

    Now then fear that is oposite of faith is not of God nor does it please God for we can not please God out side of Faith....

    Every day range of emotioon and every one has it.............We are to walk by faith and not by sight or feelings or emotions......saying it is just an every day emotion does not make fear ok but it does make an excuse for it.
  5. I DO read what I type several times before posting. @Euphemia, did you miss the miraculously healed physically part? The illness/whatever ran it's course. And weren't most of the Apostles murdered? Some people die or are maimed/blinded/paraplegic and they don't lack any faith. @Fish Catcher Jim: I don't read the scripture "by His stripes" as a promise that God will heal all physical ailments if you only believe enough. You either believe in Christ or you don't. That belief saves your soul, not your physical body.
  6. Abdicate ? What in the world are you saying here ?
  7. The thread...

  8. Major relax my friend,
    There is a huge difference from standing for your own healing and called to go out and empty the hospitals as you say. There is such a thing as Kingdom order or another words how the kingdom of God operates for you just do not go out do what ever you want and say God be in it.

    Major not every one has built up their faith. There is one faith but it needs to be grown. How does faith come ? By hearing the word ? So the stronger you are in His word the stronger you are in faith.

    It is not what is being said but rather what is being twisted into saying things to fit into a point. It is not just we three in here posting.
    Blessings Major
  9. Again and mix faith with physical healing. And God wants our passion...not lukewarm. You avoid the fact that since Christ was resurrected, Christians still age, still get sick/maimed/whatever, and die (physically). Can all these believers have less faith than you, Euphemia, or whoever professes this doctrine? What does it lead to? People who build their faith on what God can do for you in health, wealth, and prosperity here in this sin laden world, will reap what they sow. And they will cast off faith if they are led to believe they will get it and then don't. My faith is not based here. It is based on accepting all God gives me. Because I know He knows more and I trust, in the end, I will get the real rewards promised.
  10. Ahhhhhhhhhh LIKE NO WAY..........
    Brother do not allow how others views or reactions to dictate if you bring the Love of God and His written word or not.
    Think Brother........Pray..........then make your choice.......PLEASE

  11. See there is the problem Silk.........We do not build up our faith for what God can do for your health. You build up your FAIH IN HIS WRITTEN WORD. It does not matter what you believe or I believe but what does matter is what the word of God says.

    IF JESUS can say ye of little FAITH......must mean there is different strength of faith.
    Since Jesus got on His disciples about fear of the waves and wind and where was their faith means there is weak faith and strong faith and the strong faith does not house FEAR OR DOUBT.....but Pure true faith would have rebuked the waves and left Jesus sleeping.

    Faith the size of a mustard seed is first pure faith wich means there is no fear or doubt mixed in it and this means before you stand as you stand and after you begin to stand on your faith.
    It only takes a little bit of pure a little bit of faith mixed with doubt and fear and cares and worry is not going to do much.

    This is what is written in His word and not something any one is making up
  12. I could have missed something, I suppose. That an illness runs its course is a provision that God has given the human body---the ability to heal itself. Hallelujah!

    That the apostles were killed for their faith (not John, though), has nothing to do with healing. They were called to martyrdom.

    That people see delay in healing is not a point in favour of the fact that it is on offer for all. I heard just this morning from a wonderful bible teacher that the habit of us continually asking is negating the faith we had for the answer previously. We need to rebuke illness, claim our healing, and ask God for His healing power to flow through us and then leave Him to do it. Waiting is a highly spiritual exercise! :)
  13. there is not some "7th heaven" nor is there some "karma" level or any other prerequisite to healing. We are merely to obey the Lord, lay hands on the sick and pray. Then let the Lord either heal or not. We are merely facilitators and nothing else.
    Trying to set some paradigm "belief box" for God to fit in in order for a healing to take place is almost laughable. If it weren't so serious for the afflicted this would be comedic in a sense, but it is sad. Just obey your Lord and do for the sick as He instructed.
    The same goes for baptism and communion.....we are facilitators. No more Pharisees needed
  14. Hello Dan,
    Exactly what are you trying to say here. Your belief box does not make any sense nor is any way saying anything like this..Care to make it more clear.
  15. Yes, facilitators is correct! Carriers of the power of God to those in need.

    Mark 16:17-18
    These miraculous signs will accompany those who believe: They will cast out demons in my name, and they will speak in new languages. 18 They will be able to handle snakes with safety, and if they drink anything poisonous, it won’t hurt them. They will be able to place their hands on the sick, and they will be healed.”
  16. My faith is confirmed and validated in scripture....not someone else's interpetation of one scripture when it is not confirmed by all other scripture. It is not me basing my faith in miracles. It is basing my faith in all God brings my way - whether that be illness, grief, or joy. If God is no respecter of persons, why wouldn't He heal all believers, physically, if what your interpetation is true? That is not to say God doesn't heal or do miracles every day.....He does. Demanding it on a promise I don't see in scripture is a non sequitar. God does promise in end times to restore all believers. I believe in that
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  17. Okay, okay okay...
    So can we start to summarise this in the light of how the thread was started.
    I would begin like this.
    1. Our God has healed, heals, and will heal people on earth from illnesses and deformities.
    2. Healing happens via the Holy Spirit and the person praying is just a vessel for His will to be done.
    3. What is said during the prayer is not critical for healing, but coming before God in faith and thanksgiving is.
    4. God has healed people and heals people today for His glory alone.
    5. Prayers of healing can be done by any one, elders, disciples, etc.

    Anything else to be added?
  18. Glad you brought this scripture up. Notice: all these things are basic Christianity 101. These are the things that we should have leaned as a baby Christian a long long time ago. The "laying on of hands" has to do with not only commissioning people to do the work of ministry but for bringing healing to the Church members. Right now we can not even get Christians to agree that "healing" is in the redemption plan of God!!! Are we still "carnal" Christians ,and walk as babies in the Lord? What's the deal here? Were is faith and simple belief in the truth of God's Word? This is amazing!!!
    This just shows the Church is no where ready for Jesus's return!!
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  19. Yes, that is correct, I have posted about this verse elsewhere. This verse almost "haunts" me. It is a great verse for measuring oneself with, and if I do the result is kinda sad, and I suspect for most here, the result will be the same. If we cannot agree on the foundational doctrine as described, how can we move into the action or execution of that doctrine. I mean, how many have you(anyone here) raised from the dead this last week? I'm sure everyone will say zero, right?
    Or am I being too harsh on myself and in a way on the church as a whole?
    So, if we as the bride of Christ is not ready for His return, what happens if He returns tomorrow?
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  20. God's desire is to heal all His own, and He has included that in the atonement.
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