Buying a laptop

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  1. Buying a laptop

    I don't know much about computers and need to buy a laptop. I have a desk computer at home but my kids, taking the opportunity to be alone at home while I'm at work, are constantly using it loading all kinds of crazy things on it. :eek:

    I will mainly use my laptop for my college studies, so I'm not looking for anything fancy. What do I need to look for?

    Thanks for your help. :)
  2. Well if you just going to be using it for studies, documents a few programs, some music, movies, etc etc you can get something withing a budget of $700 to $1000..

    Here are some specs to make sure you get:

    1) Intel Core 2 Duo - at least 2.16Ghz (thats the standard these days)
    2) Most laptops are going to come with vista installed so get some thing with at least 2GB of RAM or else you might experience sluggish speeds at times.
    3) A HDD (hard drive) of atleast 120GB to 160GB would be good for you

    Some good brands to get are Compaq, Toshiba, Acer and Dell, dont bother with Sony they are not good...

    Hope that helped...:)
  3. I bought a Toshiba about 3 years ago. 60 GB hard drive. I don’t think they come that small anymore, but it is enough for me. I haven’t had any problems with it.

    My next one will have a DVD burner. I think that might be standard for most now too. As xcortman said, anything within that price range should get you everything you need, and a little more, and from what I heard about vista, it is good to have more RAM.

    It’s hard to believe my first computer, just 9 years ago, had a 4 GB hard drive.
    I still have it. I should fire it up someday when I’m bored and have nothing better to do than click and wait. :rolleyes: :D
  4. Just purchased an EMachines (Acer) D620-5133 and an ATIVA wireless router.

    The entire price for the laptop and accessories was just under $500.00 at Office Depot. It has a 140 gig hard drive and tons of desktop memory along with a DVD burner, Vista OP system and built in Windows Mail which works just like Outlook Express.

    Very good deal and it operates for 2.5 hours on battery alone.
  5. One feature you might want to ensure you have on your new laptop is wireless connection. Most if not all colleges have wifi or other wireless net work connections and a $60 wireless router connected to your desk top(provided you have cable or satilite internet service) will allow you more access to the internet and mobility as well. Most but not all new lap tops and notebook computers have this built in ,so make sure the one you get does.
    It is a most valuable feature to the student, at home or mobile office worker.;)
  6. My first,

    My first computer was a Commadore VIC 20, It consisted of transformer ( for power) a key board that connected to the TV for a monitor, had a cassete recorder for a program and data storage device and programs were in "Basic"( how many of your remember "Basic"). (Most of the programs one had to write for themselves). Cost me $100 at a pawn shop in 1982. . . Today's cheepest cell phones have more power, memory and capabilities:rolleyes:
  7. Thanks all for your advice. I'll go to Best Buy and check what they have. Do you know of an online place I could also check (and trust)? :)
  8. Thanks Ride4theSon. I'll check it out!
  9. If cost is an issue, you might concider trying to purchace one through your school or a promotion/program. Another good cost effective option is purchacing it from Walmart or another simular discount /department store.. They carry many of the name brands at a better price. But there is a trade off in buying from a discount store. That being that you will need to do your own research and learn the technical aspects and make a decission without the guidence that you would get at the specialty stores.
  10. This weekend I'll check the different laptops based on Jake's message. If I find something I think I'd like to buy, I'll come back here to check with you guys.

    Many thanks! :D
  11. I remember our first "class" at the small private Christian school I worked for consisted of a TV for the monitor, a tape deck (like your audio tape players) for data and backup, and a keyboard. It was so strange to me and so "forbiding." Later our school bought 1 IBM for accounting purposes. I had to read most of the DOS manual so I could understand what support was talking about and key in the dos commands. I remember learning a bit about all the "bits" and the 0s and 1x that comprise the language. Far cry from plug 'n play etc. they have today.

    I have a Dell Vostro 1000 laptop. I started with a HP laptop that my brother gave me about 2 years ago that was slowly dying and not safe for his business applications. I went wireless upon the recommendation of my kids. I truly enjoy my "toy."

    My Dell's motherboard died at about 8 months and Dell diagnosed the problem via live chat. They sent me a shipping box with prepaid shipping and clear instructions on how to remove the memory and send it to them. About 10 days later I had my restored laptop back. I paid about $600+ for it new purchased online from Dell.
  12. Brigit - before you buy, if you consider purchasing it online, you might see if your vendor can be accessed through If so, you can register with Rebates, Cash Back, Discount Coupons, Online Coupons , access the "store" of your choice through the ebates gate, select the "coupon" for the store, and receive a percentage back on your purchase from ebates. Another way you can save a few nickles and dimes.
  13. Basic? What's that? I learnt computing at school, and we used punch cards:)
  14. I remember when I was in school.
    We had no computers. No one did.
    We weren’t allowed to use calculators. I still know how to make change in my head.
    If our computer systems ever completely goes down?
    Chaos… pandemonium and chaos.

    And that’s just from people trying to make change in their heads at the stores. :)
    Just imagine what would happen at the hospitals. :eek:
  15. Are you THAT old?????? .... (just joking!) ;)
  16. Mine is a Dell Vostro 1000. It has 170 Ghz and 187 Ram. It has Windows XP - which I know is behind the 8-ball as far as newest - but it is a safer system still over the Vistra. I tried the Aptiva wireless router but it was not compatible (at least not for me to be doing the set up) with my BellSouth DSL so I went with the equipment they provided and it worked and is still working like a charm.

    My Dell's motherboard died a few months ago when the computer was maybe 8 months old (don't remember exactly) and they replaced it free of charge and no shipping charges, either.

    I paid a little over $600 for the Dell but got it through their small business site since I do use it for work some.

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