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Discussion in 'Christian Webmasters' started by revlynn, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. Build Your Twitter Following

    Hi All,

    I came across this great way to virally build your following on Twitter. When you sign up, you tweet a message about the system, and you automatically follow the people ahead of you. The link in your tweet is your unique code, so anyone who signs up through it follows you, and those they sign up follow you - down 8 levels.

    At the moment it is used mostly by internet marketers, but it would be great to see a whole chain of Christian tweeters. (And don't worry, you can always unfollow anyone who seems inappropriate.)

    To give it a go, go to ViralFollowers .::. Build Your Twitter Followers List Virally! - and yes, it has already got me quite a few new followers.


  2. Hi RevLynn

    Miss seeing you around.

    I haven't gotten into that. Are you saying if I click the Twitter on here to my right that everyone after me will be following my posts on this site?
  3. Hi GodSpeaks,

    No, Twitter is separate to this site. If you are on Twitter (or join it), by clicking on the link in my post you can send a tweet to your followers about the system. As you do that, you automattically follow the 8 people ahead of you. You can also promote your link in other places. Everytime someone joins the system through your link, they will automatically follow you, and those who join through them will follow you, down eight levels. If you've ever been involved in MLM, it's the same principle.


  4. Ok thanks for the info
  5. Thanks for the tip!

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