British school orders students and teachers to dress like Muslims for a day....

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by freedom07, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. accused, they know the will of this event?was it for fun?the press make a story,but in the end will be the story.:D
  2. This certainly is going too far. Where are the people's rights and what if people oppose. I don't think that is good at all. But hey , it could happen here as well as the muslims are very pushy
  3. Those people must have a screw loose. Perhaps the muslims should have to dress like Jews ofr a day.:eek:
  4. never judge until you know the facts,our press is full of garbage,just to sell papers,it,s not good to read.
  5. I am not surprised by this. The entire western civilization may choke to deat on a bad case of political correctness. The enemies our nations have no such qualms.
  6. i have heard of a muslim woman who has come to our country and has been freed,her husband hit her always,she got help from our country and is really happy to be free.this is what you should be thinking when oppressed when you are free ,you are really free.

  7. Or like us .... Can you see that happening.... Not a chance but if you go to their country you have to dress like them. What's the matter with the teachers that they don't say no.
  8. we are helping them,they need help they hide our mountain and claim it for there own faith,and name it jezebels l laws.a anagram there satan god uses them to call it.muslims need our help they are tricked.:mad:
  9. I wonder if they would be aginast forcing everyone to dress in what Christ had on the cross...

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