Bringing my new children closer to God

Discussion in 'Marriage and Relationships' started by Cathleen Newberry, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. I now have three wonderful children that my husband had before we got married. Religion has been a sore point in our relationship but I know that I can't let these kids grow up in a secular way of life. My husband isn't completely against me introducing the love of God to her/my children but I'm not sure how to broach such an important thing to them, and my husband.

    Has anyone ever been in a similar situation? Advice or scripture?
  2. Touchy subject. Brings to mind the whole "unequally yoked" thing.

    The best thing you can do is lead by example. I am assuming that the birth mother is out of the picture. Be a good Christian mother to them. Please don't try to be their friend, be their parent. Show them through your actions and words what being with the Lord means. I feel that we get lost in the hard line scriptural too much and need to bring God's love down to the level non-believers can grasp. One of the fastest way to turn off a non-believer is to start throwing scripture quotes at them like a machine gun. Maybe try to have some quiet time with the kids. Not knowing their ages, read them Bible stories for kids. Again, lead by example, live the life, walk the with the Lord. Bring the kids over gently. You may not reach them all.
  3. Considering the poster of the thread has not been back to the forum, we may never know the answer to this. I had wondered if perhaps her "husband" in this thread was the "friend" she refers to in her other thread. (Link below) If so, then she only sees the children during visitation periods. More information would always be helpful, and maybe the thread starter will return at some point.
  4. I think that the thread that BarelyBreathing related would be the best help for you, Cathleen.

    You can't come off as some kind of "Bible Thumper" or "Jesus Freak" especially if these kids have never really been to church or know what faith is. You have to approach it from a way that they can relate to. Of all the tasks in the world to accomplish, this may be one of the more difficult ones. Good luck!

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