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  1. I'm always on the lookout for something I can make for my husband, son, and daughters for breakfast that's quick for me, and they'll like and actually e-a-t! I began making this last Christmastime, and it's something I am asked to make about once a week. (apologies to those of you who oppose bacon! ♥)

    1 package (12) frozen hash brown patties, thawed
    1 pound bacon, or 1/2 pound bacon and some breakfast sausage, cooked and broken into pieces
    1 small-ish chopped onion (add mushrooms, too, if you like)
    1. tsp. fresh cracked pepper
    10 eggs
    1-1/2 C. milk or half and half (I use whole milk in this, and in baking breads)
    1 C. cheddar cheese, shredded

    lightly grease 9x12 baking dish with olive oil
    sauté onion till translucent (add mushrooms toward the end)
    lay potatoes in bottom of pan
    top with bacon and sausage
    in large bowl, beat eggs and milk really well, add 1/2 of the cheese and the pepper
    pour over potatoes and meat(s)
    sprinkle remaining cheese over top
    bake @ 400 degrees for about an hour
    serve with fresh fruit

    The original recipe says to put the dish in the frig overnight, or for at least an hour, but my hubby prefers the potatoes crisp, so I wait maybe 15 minutes or so. But, if your family doesn't mind, it's an awesome way to make up breakfast the night before, especially if you're pressed for time in the mornings. I do cook the bacon ahead of time, and I use all natural pre-cooked sausage, so I only have to thaw it and cut it up. :) I sometimes make and bake the whole thing in the evenings, and then my family can "nuke" a plate of it in the morning. (yeah...I have this thing where I try to avoid microwave use as much as possible, but that's just me.)
    This is something I would make for dinner, too, as we enjoy "breakfast for dinner" nights.
    What I like about this is that you can pretty much adapt it to your own preferences. I add worcestershire sauce, tobasco, red pepper flakes at times. You can put in whatever veggies you like. You can use skim milk, or rice or nut milk, which I do if my married daughter (who is dairy/gluten free) is home. (also have to omit the cheese then) You can skip the bacon and sausage altogether, or use/add ham, chicken....only limited by what you like and your imagination.
    I'd never made strata before...can you imagine? lol But they're pretty terrific. We've made them with bread and fruits, too. (tastes like blueberry french toast!)

    My kiddos would love it if I made this in addition to the scratch crescent rolls with orange icing they love. Maybe one day...;)
    Happy eating. :)

  2. Thanks, ellie, for sharing!! Sounds delish! :p I will try it out on the family this weekend! :D
  3. Need a mini version for us singles ...
  4. Try to divide the recipe in half (or by 1/4) and bake in muffin tins, less heat, less time.... wallah! single serve portions! :p
  5. Brilliant!
    I'm so sorry, faeriecat, I still have 4 kids at home, and often forget not everyone is cooking for a football team! Thanks, cbg, for the great idea!
    We have friends who have (brace yourselves) a daughter and eleven sons! (eleven sons!!) They're terrific kids, too. Well, like our children they're not "kids" anymore, but you know how it is with moms...once your baby, always your baby. ♥
    Our friends have moved away. We still keep in contact with them, and are blessed to have 5 of the boys still in the area, still dropping by at dinnertime ( ;) ) and still behaving like siblings with our children. I love to have a houseful of young people. Speaking of--I just heard my daughter and son-in-law pull in! YAY!

    Faeriecat, I will try, in the future, to remember to provide different serving size options. (I have trouble keeping one of our cats away from this dish, too.) :)
  6. LOL Thankya ladies! :) Yeah, it is just me (and 3 felines) so I'm forever having to slash and chop at recipes.

    One of my friends was helpful, and asked a mutual acquaintance for a hummus recipe (I love me some hummus). Mutual acquaintance (who is a professional chef) gladly shared. Only ... the recipe makes enough hummus for 200 people ... SIGH!! LOL I'm still doing the math on that one!!

  7. 200 ppl?? I actually LOLed! I love hummus, too, but that'd be too much, even for my family! And though I happily taught it to my children, I despise doing math. Me, I'm a words gal. So I wish you luck with that task. :)
  8. I am one person and i would eat that whole thing. Thanks for making me hungry.
  9. I was thinking you could use kabana instead of sausage.
  10. what's that?
  11. Its like sausage but its much longer and you eat it cold.
  12. Allso it tastes nothing like a sausage.
  13. Sounds more like a kielbasa?
  14. I dont know, because i dont know what that is.
  15. hahaha--you guys are making me laugh! I was thinking kielbasa, too, faeriecat! you know, I think my son would love that idea. I know what I'm doing in the morning. :)
    I really think you could put in anything that tastes good to you.

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