Breakfast Custard (Crème brûlée dans la matinée)

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  1. Here's one of my recipes. I love baking, and people like what I cook, so enjoy!
    If there's anything missing, let me know. I don't really measure or write things down - I do them from memory.
    *Note: Crème brûlée is technically a custard with carmelized sugar. You can convert this custard to crème brûlée without the use of a cooking torch (I'll show you how).

    Difficulty: Very easy (très facile)
    4 eggs (yolks and whites, do not separate) - the number of eggs can be adjusted depending on the size of the custard. Please note that the amount of eggs will adjust baking time by 10 - 20 minutes more.
    Fat-free half-and-half OR whole cream - according to taste
    Imitation Vanilla Extract OR Real Vanilla Extract - for even more vanilla flavor, add vanilla beans
    (white) Sugar - do not use brown sugar in the recipe except for the topping. *Splenda works very well in this recipe if you are on a diet.
    Cinnamon - powdered, preferably, unless you will grind it yourself

    Preparation -
    *Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees (this might have to be adjusted for higher or lower altitudes). Do not adjust the oven temperature anytime during cooking. It will mess up the eggs if you do.

    1. In a glass bowl (room temperature or slightly chilled), add your four eggs and whisk together the yolks and whites gently for a minute or so. Beat until the yolks and whites have blended together and there are no lumps, and the eggs run smoothly off whisk.
    2. Let eggs rest as you prepare the cream, stirring occasionally. In a sauce pan, add half-and-half or cream (around a quarter of a cup, or equal to the amount of eggs you have used - do not add to much cream!) and bring to a gentle boil. Watch and take off stove.
    3. Bring out sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla extract.
    4. Here's the tricky part - add cream SLOWLY to eggs and beat gently all the while. DO NOT stop anytime for a break! Keep a steady rhythm.
    5. After cream has been added, add around two to three tablespoons of vanilla extract, one to two tablespoons of cinnamon, and around two tablespoons of sugar or three packets of Splenda sugar. Whisk again until everything has blended.
    6. In a glass baking pan or tray (preferred over cookie sheet), add a shallow amount of hot water.
    7. Pour the custard into a porcelain or heavy baking pan or cup(s), and even better yet, custard cups. Any other will just ruin the custard - it has to heat evenly.
    8. Place into the glass tray and put carefully into the oven.
    9. Allow to cook for around thirty-five to forty minutes.
    10. Carefully check custard. To see if it is done, take a cool, damp knife and gently pierce the center, then pull back. If the knife comes back clean, the custard is done. If you do not want to do that, the top should be slightly firm with a lovely, light yellow-gold, and the insides should not be runny but with a smooth firmness (not brick hard and not mushy). The color should also be a beautiful, pale, clear 'sunshine' yellow.
    11. Serve immediately, or allow to cool a few minutes. Store in the fridge in the same tray it was cooked in, and consume within three days of cooking.

    *To make the brulee without the torch, cover the top of the custard immediately after cooking with brown sugar and cover with tin foil, or place under the broiler (make sure to stand right there while it is cooking or else it'll burn!) and allow the sugar to melt and form into a light, dark caramel brown top.

    Add a sprig of fresh spearmint or shaved hazelnuts/almonds and enjoy.

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