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  1. it is a serious situation out there. One thing that you can do is get superantispyware for free online. Then keep it updated. When you run it on full scan it is good at finding adware cookies. If you find them and remove them still come back at times. They are not safe and are door openers for worse demons.

    it is best to have internet security programs by good names. Some of the big names also have spyware.
    Sorry but Google and fire fox and internet explorer, also are being come up on anti virus programs, saw it myself. cookie spyware is designed to steal your private pictures, writings, music etc. They leave it there but duplicate it. Even email messages are being kept somewhere.

    Proof of this----One day I signed in to another forum than this one and They revealed my hidden you tube videos. another time , my name and pass word were back at me when come back to same page.

    Spies I found do not like my daily running slim cleaner free edition. it is quick and removes private info. and cookies. Also free c cleaner for the second pass. Hope have helped fight this battle with the devil for and with you.
  2. God has been good to me and after losing 3 computers to spy people he blessed with the 4th. Phil. 4:19.
  3. God gave you a new computer because you did not have the knowledge to keep the spys out of your others? Really?

    Praise God!!! God is exactly like that!! He will just put a new one in, no problem.

    My son way back was believing God for a new computer. After hearing Brother Copeland about sowing into what you want to come back and the principles of the law of Seed time and Harvest he decided at the age of 12 to sow his money into someone else saving to buy a computer.

    He clear off a desk and set up an area for the new Computer to sit and believed God thanking him for a month that his seed produced after it's kind and his new computer was on the way. For 12 years old, that is amazing.

    Being dad, I told the Lord I was not getting involved and I had no idea how this new computer was just going to show up. My son sowed and thanked God for over a month with a desk and power cord ready to go for when it showed up.

    Something my son learned from Brother Copeland that if you believe God, then faith gets ready. Faith gets the barn built with nothing to store, not knowing how it was going to get filled. Faith believes God, and takes action.

    It was about over a month my son walking by that empty desk everyday and thanking God for that computer when I got a call from a Women at Church. She said she had a dream that she bought my son a computer and she wanted to know if My son needed a computer.

    I just asked her what did her heart really tell her and she said she thinks she needs to go with me and pick out my son a brand new computer. So, I picked her up and we went to Sam's Club and she bought the nicest computer they had. It was a bit over 1,400 dollars.

    I had some youth from church come over to set it all up and I took my son and his younger brother swimming. When we got back that brand new computer was set up.

    My son knew who got him that computer, and he has never left God and serves him this day at 22.

    Kids don't leave God when he is real, they leave God by going to dead churches who believe God can, but won't most the time and it's up to the mysterious will of God. What kid wants to serve that kind of god?

    Thank you for sharing brother!!!! I just sowed my 6x core and I am now going to recive a better one. I am using my wife's laptop now but my new one is on the way.

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