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    I've been dating my boyfriend for 7 months. We are both Christians. Two weeks ago he told me he was going to go to a motorcycle rally in Maryland for a few days. I really didn't think too much of it until the other day when I realized this rally was the East Coast Sturgis where there is heavy drinking, drugs, and half naked women. It may be prude of me to say this, but I'm highly offended. I do not feel this is an event for a Christian to go nor am I comfortable with the idea of my boyfriend camping out there for 4 days. He asked me how I felt about it and said "Do you not want me to go?" I told him that I didn't but I wasn't sure if I had the right to tell him that. I didn't want him to resent me or subconsciously hold it against me. He said he liked rallies, he knows what goes on there and he's not there for women or drugs or booze. He just wants to check out the motorcycles and hang with the guys (he's going with a group of friends). So despite that conversation, he's still going. I've haven't been sleeping well. Maybe I have trust issues? I have this fear he will do something because I'm not there and I will never know.
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    In relation to your post, I think you should express your feeling to your boyfriend so he knows how you truly feel.
    There are temptations all around us, however stay strong in prayer and I'm sure your boyfriend will make informed decisions. I join in prayer with you that he will rebuke drugs, alcohol and half naked women.

    Sorry if my response doesn't answer your questions; however I am sure that our members will be able to help you further.
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    You have every right to have trust issues with regard to the motorcycle rally. That is not a place for Christians, and one needs to draw a line at certain things one will participate in. Sure, a guy wants to go feast his eyes on the different bikes out there and to socialize, but the rallies are inherent with carnality and spiritual deadness. Truly, it is an act of spiritual compromise to attend such a rally. The answer is not for you to accompany him, either.

    You need to pray for him.
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  5. Bible is very clear that we should never put ourselves in a position of temptation.. We should stay away from it.. It is not correct to say I will get myself and tempted and will not fall into it.. Instead, just stay away from that situation.. So in short, it is not right to attend that rally when you both know there is going to be all kind of temptation. Don't talk with him on your own. Pray about it strongly and then speak with him. Then Holy Spirit will speak through you
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  7. It is absolutely right for you to communicate your concerns about Him going to the rally, and in my opinion, it is wrong for him to do so. Based on his response, you'll see how he values your opinion. From the sounds of it, it sounds like he really just wants to go see motorcycles, but he can do that in an environment that doesn't have the drugs sex and rock and roll.

    However, you should not fret over if he does go or not. I used to be in a relationship where I worried if the girl went to an event/group of friends. Finally, I figured out that if she would do something stupid, me fretting over it wouldn't make her not do it. Just focus 100% on God and do not worry about what he may or may not be doing, worst thing that happens is that you end a relationship with somebody who wasn't meant to be. Best case scenario is he understands where you are coming from, and avoids even getting close to the temptations presented at the rally. Either way, praise God.

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