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  1. A book has caught my eye, but before I read it I just want some input from you good people on whether it would be useful to read a book on learning to live by the Holy Spirit or just watch videos or if you have your own recommendations. It seems Christianity emphasises being led by the Spirit, and at the moment I'm anything but!
    It's by Kenneth E Hagin and it's titled
    "How you can be led by the spirit of God"
  2. I've been partial to the Green Letters
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  4. You will not ever go wrong with Kenneth Hagin.
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  5. In my opinion, that's the best book out there. Kenneth Hagin is a godly man, and has many good books.
    I believe in visions is super also.
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  6. I am currently reading So You Want to be Like Christ by Charles "Chuck" Swindoll. He is a fabulous teacher / preacher. The book is about becoming more like Christ and taking on his characteristics. It's challenging because it focuses on obedience. That can be tough, but it's really good and I am learning a lot about myself. Obedience in all areas of my life is not even has hard as I thought it would be. It's actually bringing more joy and happiness to me.

    I have also started reading a book called The Noticer by Andy Andrews. It's about our perception and how we view things. How your perception can change your behavior, etc.
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  7. Yes mam there was a season in my life where I listened to him on the radio and tv.
    Anointed man of God!!
    Blessed knowing your Being Blessed
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  8. Chuck Swindoll is so gifted and anointed. one of his gifts is in teaching. you can so see it, too. His Journey of Paul is incredible. It's like you are literally walking with Paul and learning all about him personally as if you are there with him.
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  9. I should mention that the Noticer is fiction blended with inspirational, but it's a good book to still read.
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  10. Thanks everyone I've got Hagins book now and I'll look for Chucks

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