book of job

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  1. book of job

    anyone who has studied job ,what happened?
  2. i read it,lots of times.job is a good man.says so .were his children sinning?is this where satan gets a claw in.and job stands firm a hero if you like.a good man.
  3. i dont know .the sons of God present themselves and satan also,were do you come from?here and there satan answers.............doesnt sit true to me.God never gets tempted.lots to understand.
  4. Job was truly tested just as Christians are tested today.
  5. tested by who violet?
  6. God will test us.
    Job's story is a wonderful lesson for us because he could have given up but drew closer to God instead.

    His friends and wife even encouraged him to curse the Lord~

    Our trials and heartaches can bring us nearer to the Lord.

    It all depends where our heart is at.
  7. Sylv, I didn't see your post.
    It is true that God allowed satan to test Job, right?
  8. Oh, and Sylv, what are you doing up at midnight!:D
  9. God doesnt need to prove anything to satan.
  10. i know that anyway.true faith is like this.satan attacked what he could not under God. his family and wealth,he tried to use job as a witness and he wouldnt move from God.
  11. i do think satan found out that some people when they have matured ,be unselfish and not get swayed by evil.we are learning.

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